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Perfect Day

April 18, 2013

What would a perfect day be to you? You probably never think about it, but if you took a break long enough from your ‘busy-ness’ I’m sure you could come up with something even if it was relaxing with a good movie or book, because maybe you haven’t done that in a long time; maybe longer than you realized.

Would a perfect day be spent with your family taking the kids to the park, or with friends having a cookout in your back yard? Would a perfect day be spent gardening, or other light yard work because you enjoy being outside? Maybe a perfect day for you would be preparing a new recipe you can’t wait to try because it sounds fabulously delicious. Maybe it would be spent in the garage tinkering over your workbench. If you have an artistic flair the perfect day might be spent gathering items for a new project and finding everything you need.

Would a perfect day be spent with your grandchildren relishing in the joy of remembering what it was like to be a child again? Or would it be spent visiting a parent in the nursing home and telling them how wonderful it is to have them as your mom or dad? A perfect day might be volunteering for a fundraiser at your local school or church youth group and spending the day enjoying the younger generation.

A perfect day might be scoring less than par on the 18th hole. Or shopping with friends and finding the perfect vase to complement your grandmother’s lace table runner. A perfect day might be finally understanding the instructions and not having any pieces left over. Or maybe you’d like to do nothing but relax and pamper yourself. Then again, some folk’s idea of a perfect day would be a day with a nap in it.

A day spent sitting under a tree fishing on a quiet pond could be someone’s idea of a perfect day. So could visiting yard sales Saturday morning and finding some great deals while meeting wonderful people. It could be watching a classic movie marathon on TV or, maybe an afternoon teaching your new puppy to sit, stay and fetch. Would your perfect day be spent decorating cookies with the kids?

A prefect day can mean so many things for everyone depending on what you like to do when you’re not busy doing what you’re supposed to be doing. I asked this question to some of my friends to hear their answers and this was their response, Kevin said “A perfect day would be the sun shining and everyone smiling.” Frank said, “A little gardening, a little fresh food, new ideas, cool water and a good night’s sleep.” KC said, “A day fishing or, at a car show or, just relaxing outside watching the clouds float by.” My BFF Helen’s perfect day would be “Spending a sunny day at the lake with family, friends, food and fun.”

Friends, every day is a perfect day in its own way. We only need not be so distracted by our ‘busy-ness’ that we miss it. A prefect day is as simple as...a smile; a sunrise; a Robin feeding its young; a family playing in the park; a Carolina blue sky; an unexpected call from a childhood friend; a shared ice cream cone; a great cup of coffee; holding hands; letting your inner child play; laughing till your sides hurt; your loved one coming home; the first rose of the season blooming; and so many simple, yet so perfect in their own way.

Enjoy every day as if it’s your idea of a perfect day.

Can you imagine...enjoying the ‘perfect’ little things that happen all day?

Smiling is a perfect way to start the day! | |



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