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Whoosh Happens

April 25, 2013

It was a beautiful day; I woke up planning to wear the day out catching up on things that needed my attention. Too gorgeous outside not to walk the canine crew, we headed out the door about seven-thirty first. Back from our jaunt and feeling totally refreshed and ready to tackle chores after breakfast, I made a bowl of cereal. While I ate I decided to take two comforters to the laundromat because they’re too big for my washer.

Standing at the kitchen sink washing the cereal bowl and silently reminding myself to grab the laundry detergent before leaving, my wandering thoughts were interrupted by an eerie, yet familiar...gurgle...gurgle; immediately followed by a loud whoosh and huge splash hitting the floor in the laundry room. Startled I ran toward the washing machine where a tidal wave of water was rushing toward me. Thinking faster than I thought humanly possible I pressed the button on the front of the washer to turn it off as a million thoughts ran through my head instantaneously. “Holy dickens! It’s never done that before!” “My floor! My floor!” “Who put grease down the sink?!” “Shoot, my home warranty ran out seven years ago!” “Call the plumber! No, wait! It’s Saturday!” “Quick, towels! TOWELS!”

Towels? Oh yeah, towels! Snapping out my trance I grabbed handfuls of towels off the shelf above me and threw them on the puddle I was now standing in. Mopping up the water with towels and squeezing it into a bucket I realized while cleaning up that as I washed clothes a few days before it had been a while since I’d swept and mopped the floor in the laundry room. Dickens, then I thought “Did my thinking about cleaning this floor cause the water to overflow, and if I hadn’t thought the floor needed cleaning would it not have happened?” Then I thought I was doing too much thinking and went back to cleaning up the mess.

Then things really got exciting. Since I had already removed everything from the laundry room I decided to pull my dryer off the platform and level the side the washer is on. Without going into a lot of detail, I have front loaders and built a platform for them. Uh...let’s just say it’s functional. However, the side the washer was on needed extra support because it was sagging. Going into the garage I found a board about 3 1/5” by 36”. Perfect.

Now, I’m used to doing things for myself, but sometimes a girl just wishes there were some bigger muscles around. Sigh. Anyway, I used a metal file as leverage and was able to lift up the platform and hammer the board under. Geesh, I was exhausted by this point but managed to push the washer, which still had water in it, back in place. Realizing as I did the back foot on the washer wasn’t all the way down. Dang, no wonder it always sounded like it was about to take off into orbit. So I screwed the foot down and got my level and was happy to see that the washer was finally level...after eight years. Not bad.

As of this writing my pipes are still clogged, which means I’ve been washing dishes in the tub. But stay tuned, I’m about to crawl under my house and shove a snake in my pipes. Um...let me rephrase that. Well, no, actually...there is no other way to put it. Be back in a few...

Okay, here’s what happened. No spiders. Whew! And the sink drains toward the washer, instead of the other way around. Good to know, so I used the snake on the washer drain pipe and ran into the clog. It took several tries as I slowly became an expert on lying across the top of a washing machine covered in mud, from being under the house, and snaking my pipes but the blockage finally gave way. Wowzer! I was so excited I decided to do laundry..and it overflowed. Apparently, the clog moved to just beyond my snake. Plan B...

Can you imagine...hearing gurgle...gurgle...whoosh?

Smile, it all comes out in the wash! | |



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