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Mom’s Rocking Chair

May 9, 2013

Some of my happiest moments growing up were being rocked in Mom’s rocking chair. Whether I was suffering from a skinned knee or a slight cold, sitting on Mom’s lap as she slowly rocked me back and forth were the most comforting times I remember. Being gently rocked somehow made everything better.

Indeed, Mom’s rocking chair calms tears, heals boo-boos and even has the power to shoo the boogey-man away if a child wakes in the middle of the night. Not an extraordinarily decorative chair by any means, Mom’s rocking chair sits unassuming when not in use. But through the eyes of a small child it possesses magic powers, comforting a mother and child as they rock back and forth as if to the chair’s own heartbeat.

And somehow a mom seems to know the magic in rocking our cares away. My mom did, as soon as anything happened, a bruised knee, a sudden nose bleed, an upset tummy, Mom scooped us up (when we were little) and took us to her rocking chair. As my brothers and I grew older they grew out of, or were embarrassed to be rocked; but not me, I’d just climb in her lap and be soothed by the steady motion rocking my cares away.

Memories of Mom’s rocking chair meant so much to me that when I was pregnant with my daughter I told my husband I wanted a rocking chair. Actually, I told him I NEEDED a rocking chair! I just couldn’t imagine having a child without one. Being rocked as a child had been my center of peace, comfort and love—all in those slow, back and forth motions. As far as I was concerned I wasn’t having my baby until I owned a rocking chair. Somehow we scraped together the money and bought a Bentwood rocker and my heart sighed.

As soon as we brought it home I started rocking my daughter before she was born, talking to her and wrapping my arms around my tummy. I couldn’t wait to rock her to sleep once she arrived. And as soon as she was born I spent many long hours rocking her as my mom had me. Rocking is a sensation that never fails to comfort me. Now that she has children of her own she fondly remembered the warmth, love and comfort of her mom’s rocking chair because she had to have a rocking chair for her children.

It seems to be a tradition now in our family, to rock a child’s cares, boo-boos and fears away in mom’s rocking chair. And as it sits idly waiting to be called to duty it silently knows the power of its magic to calm tears and soothe a child to sleep as I did one night with my grandson. It was about 4am when he woke up and I quietly entered his room and gently rocked him back to sleep as I sung quietly.

I don’t know if your mother had a rocking chair when you were young, but with the onset of Mother’s Day in a few days remember fondly how your mom healed your boo-boos with kisses, wiped away your tears with soft fingertips, or shooed closet monsters away. Mothers are called upon to do so many things when we’re small: clean up behind us, doctor our boo-boos, comfort our fears, settle sibling arguments, and many other tasks a mother preforms when rearing her children.

Mom was there when we got our first A in school; when our best friend moved away; when we reached adolescence; when we took our driving test; when we failed our chemistry test; when we couldn’t decide who to go to prom with; when we didn’t have a date for prom; when we packed up to go to college or move out on our own. Mom was there for all of our growing pains, and even rocked some away in her rocking chair. Whether your mom is still here or passed on, remember her love fondly this Mother’s Day. And if you’re a Mother, Mother-to-be or, Grandmother love and joy to you this Mother’s Day.

Can you imagine...rocking all your cares away.

Smile, you are loved. | |



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