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Where’s The Heat?

May 16, 2013

This weather sure is confusing. I saw a post on Facebook that said, “What a lovely Winter we’re having this Spring.” Dickens, that’s about the truth, isn’t it? Not sure if this is the coolest Spring on record, but it sure has been challenging. I’ve even had my heat on several nights because it’s been so cold. However, I did take the fleece sheets off my bed in hopes that would prompt warmer weather. Hasn’t worked yet, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Even with temperatures fluctuating so rapidly between toasty and frigid my vegetable garden is growing right along. My peas and corn have come up and I’m convinced the beans and cantaloupe should be peeking through the soil soon. It’s promising to be a great garden this year, barring a major blizzard, or any other off-season weather event like the rest of the country is having right now.

Curious as to why all this weird weather is happening I checked out The Weather Channel dot com. Wowzer! Tennis ball size hail in Texas and a tsunami ice storm pushing ice over the confines of a shore line into homes and trees in Minnesota. And as if that wasn’t enough, grapefruit size hail has been falling out of the sky. Then I listened to video clip by Dr. Jeff Masters, a meteorologist, who said land ice was melting off Iceland and if it kept melting the white reflective surface wouldn’t be deflecting the sun’s rays anymore. Instead the warm rays would be absorbed causing the earth to warm up. Dickens, I’d like to be absorbing some warm rays right about now. Oh yeah, he also mentioned that last summer was one of the warmest on record for the United States. (Yippee, global warming!)

Again, I ask...where’s the heat? Speaking of heat, a good friend of mine, Margery, sent me an email saying, “ soon as it warms up we’ll be looking forward to the cold.” I responded with, “I have never, nor would I ever, look forward to being cold.” Geesh, just thinking about it gives me goose bumps. Besides, like I said my vegetables are thriving. Another thing that seems to be thriving is the grass I sprayed with grass killer. Yep, it’s looking pretty dang perky if you ask me. Jeepers, I might as well have walked outside, given it the evil eye and threatened it within an inch of its life for all the good the grass killer did. Next time I’m using vinegar; the acid in it is supposed to kill anything green.

In addition to grass coming up through the mulch I discovered my pink dogwood is actually white. Not that I have anything against white dogwoods. In fact, my entire side yard is lined with them; exactly why I was looking forward to a pink one. Seriously, the picture on the tag was beautiful. I even posted on FB, “Think I could get someone from Lowe’s to come out and take a look at it and give me a refund?” Not likely.

Actually, I thought of watering it with red food coloring added to the water. Gee, I wonder if that would actually work. Sort of like dyeing Easter eggs. Hey, if I did one side with one color water and the other side with another color, would the flowers be half-n-half? Er...I would say the heat is getting to me, but there is NO HEAT! I just hope my garden survives this Spring, I’m looking forward to fresh vegetables; got an awesome recipe on FB for zucchini squash sliced in half and covered with garlic, cheese and tomatoes. Yum! I’m looking forward to picking squash.

Although, selling everything and moving to the beach is looking like more of a reality than it was last year at this time; by the way, do vegetables grow well in sand?

Can you imagine...frozen grapefruit falling out of the sky?

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