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Spaceship Earth

October 19, 2017

I’m an ‘info’ junkie! One of my passions is soaking up details like a sponge. Sorta makes me a chasm of useless information. Actually, knowledge isn’t useless if you use it. Therefore, I take unrequested liberties in emitting stimulating tidbits and facts during randomly opportune moments. Some folks cast odd, yet ‘ah-ha,’ glances in my direction. Leaving me to bask in the rays of dispersing entertaining enlightenment to those who know not they are, indeed, in need of useless information. In other words, buckle yourself in because we’re embarking on a ride to the trivia side.

Were you aware, the Earth travels at a rate of approximately 67,000 miles per hour around the sun? Simultaneously spinning at approximately 1,000 miles per hour at the Equator. Relate this closer to home and Washington D. C. is spinning at about 700 miles per hour. Meaning, if you took off in a plane going 900 miles per hour from Washington headed due west the sun would appear to rise instead of set. Wowzer, talk about turning back time. Although, since none of us have a hot tub time machine…technically, it takes 365.25 days to circle the sun and Earth is just a huge, honking spaceship. Everybody sing! I’m so dizzy…my head is spinning… (Okay, we’ll pick that tune up later.)

In contrast, Jupiter days last roughly 10 hours making it the ‘fastest spin’ winner in our solar system. A downer though on printing costs because their calendar is ginormous. Hence, one Earth year equates to over four thousand Jupiter days. Plus, Jupiter doesn’t have months, like Earth, so imagine the chaos on holiday placement and time off. A virtual cosmic calamity.

Don’t you just love useless knowledge? Awesome, because there’s more floating around in my gray matter. First, however, allow me to preface this by adding that my friend, Gina, reprimanded me the other day stating, “You need to watch love stories instead of documentaries.” I responded by explaining that the Blue whale’s heart can weigh as much as an automobile and their veins are so large you could swim through them. Totally gross, I know, but incredibly fascinating. We were on the phone so I can’t be sure, but I think I heard an eye roll. Then we laughed. She knows me…however, I sat through a love story just for kicks and giggles. Then I watched “Dinofish,” about an enormous fish believed to have lived millions of years ago because there are fossils depicting its skeleton. Yet, the fish thrives to this day off the coast of Africa. How utterly cool is that?!

Just this morning, I watched a documentary on island life in the Caribbean. Dickens, was it FASCINATING! There are fish called “Four Eyed Fish,” which you would think have four eyes. Nope, only two. However, their eyes are split horizontally (divided by tissue). Strange? Not for them. Since they rarely swim below the water surface unless they are catching food. Spending their lives floating near the shore at low tide using their upper eyes to scan for food and predators on land. Meanwhile, keeping an eye(s) on things below the surface for the same reasons. Wild! And you thought Mom having eyes in the back of her head when you were little was amazing.

Here’s another interesting tidbit hitting close to home for me as an avid plant enthusiast. Islands pop up from continental drifts, volcanic eruptions, a build-up of sediment run off, or merely coral that has grown large enough to rise above the surface. While all that’s interesting, what’s more remarkable is how a new island becomes populated with plants and animals. We know how people arrive. Simply go to and WA-LA…your own piece of paradise. Make sure you check out the neighborhood first though. A volcano could be lurking on the ocean floor in your backyard. Um…back oceanfront…oceanside…never mind.

Anywho, if your life’s dream is to string a hammock between two coconut palm trees, keep an eye on the sand for coconuts to wash ashore. Traveling up to 100 days (3,000 miles) on ocean waves a floating coconut eventually hits landfall, germinates and produces a palm tree. Remember, flourishing for years on a newly formed island, palms are just waiting for you click ‘buy’ and come chil-lax in the shade of their fronds.

By the way, did you know a coconut is not a nut, but a fruit. Sorta like a tomato is not a vegetable. Plus, its name is from the Spanish/Portuguese word ‘coco,’ meaning ‘head’ because it has three indentions resembling a face. Nut was added simply because it’s hard…like a nut. Yep, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t!

Can you imagine…wining a round of Trivia Pursuit?

Smile, the fact is…it looks soooo good on you!



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