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Soggy Summer

August 29, 2013

Hey, where the dickens have ya’ll been?! Oh wait…it was me. I took the summer off to finish my book “Washington’s Travels,” which I managed to do and will be publishing on smashwords as soon as I design the cover. Aww shucks, applause really isn’t necessary. Besides, you’d have to put the paper down to clap. Okay…if you must; but only for a minute…or ten. Ha-ha, I’m kidding. Dickens, I’ve missed you guys and I must say you look fabulous! Sure hope your summer was as awesome as mine; and if you pull up a chair, sit back and relax for about six weeks I’ll tell you all about my crazy, zany summer.

But first, how about this rain? “Is it going to rain today?” morphed into, “Is it NOT going to rain today?” Shoot, I got 11 ½ inches that Saturday morning (now known as the great flood of 2013) in four hours. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to a small pond in my dining room. Yikes! I pulled every pot and pan out of the cabinet because my roof was leaking like a sieve. When I looked outside my driveway had turned into the Mississippi River and the city’s substation flooded, meaning I lost power for over four hours. But on the bright side, I gained an Olympic size pool off my back deck. Well, maybe not exactly Olympic size, but it was ankle deep! Of course, I didn’t fare as badly as some folks. Pictures flooded Facebook of backyards being washed away.

During the deluge, I realized the gentle slope of my drive way turns into a raging torrent when enough water is applied. Rushing water surged along the garage, into the backyard, around the concrete pad behind the garage and flooded the corner flower bed.

Bobbi G’s inexpensive backyard pool

On one hand, I was grateful for the rain because I had just planted shrubs. On the other, I feared my garage would be carried away by the current and float into the neighbor’s yard. Even the canine crew had their dinner bowls in their mouths; they were ready to evacuate if the need arose. Wowzer, that day sure reminded us that life is precious and not a single day should be wasted.

However, the rain put a hindrance on my plans to celebrate that weekend (I’ll tell you why later) because the bridge on Hwy 10 was shut down. Even my favorite watering hole was flooded in ankle deep water. Of course, they could have turned it into a positive by adding a little sand and throwing a beach party. Wowzer, cowboys dancing at a beach party…don’t see that every day! Hang on…I’m imagining cowboys with nothing on but boots, hat and swim trunks….nah…I prefer them in (tight) jeans. Sigh…geez, I’m distracting myself.

Anyway, the past two summers were out of my control, so I just rode the wave of chaos till everything settled down. This year however, I made a bucket list which included camping at the Roost and riding a pontoon, singing karaoke, the beach, horseback riding, divorce, fishing, and singing on stage. And that was just my ‘play’ list. My ‘work’ list included: finishing “Washington’s Travels,” work on house and yard, and a new website and video.

Dickens, I accomplished everything too, except riding a horse and a pontoon. Not a bad summer, if I do say so myself. As for the two items left on my bucket list, I posted on Facebook that I still needed to ride a horse and a pontoon; then asked if anyone had either. A friend commented on what a great idea it was to have a bucket list for just the summer instead of the rest of your life. (Never did say if he had a horse or pontoon though, drats!) Well, why not make a list of things you’d like to accomplish in the immediate future? Dickens, I treat life like a pie and take it one slice at a time. Hey, I even have a list for this winter, it includes: stay warm….um…that’s really all I have on it right now. But no worries, there’s still time.

Goodness, I’ve missed you guys. It’s good to be back! Love, hugs and smiles…

Can you imagine…if it’s NOT going to rain today?

Smile, it looks sooooo good on you! | |



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