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September 5, 2013

“Wow, let’s go this way. No, wait! What’s that?!” “Come on, let’s see!”

“Hey, wait for us!” I called after CoKo Sunshine and Cody as they ran ahead trying to take in all the sights, sounds and smells of the fair at once.

Not sure how I was volunteered to climb the ‘Mt. Everest’ slide, but suddenly I was behind two rambunctious kids climbing higher and higher. Dickens, I swear, the air got thinner as everyone below got smaller. At five years old, Cody was brave enough to go first and as I watched him take off earth bound down the slide I was suddenly struck by the thought of dropping a pebble into a well to determine how far it is to the bottom. Shaking the image off, I gathered my bravado for CoKo’s sake and got into position then put her on my lap and away we wen… woo-hoo…woo-hoo…wooooo-hooooo…

I’ll admit it was a blast! And with my feet firmly on the ground again we went in search of the next great adventure.

CoKo was too small for the ferris wheel, yet absolutely adorable when she threw herself against the ‘notice’ sign with her arms stretched out asking, “Am I tall enough?” Dickens, I laughed out loud, it was too cute. Instead, she rode a rollercoaster with her daddy, then with Cody. “That was AWESOME!” soon became the evening’s catchphrase which CoKo’s excitedly shouted when she and Cody, both all smiles, exited the caterpillar rollercoaster on their way to the next ‘awesome’ ride. I can’t even begin to tell you how adorable she looked holding her arms up for the entire ride. Yep, smiling kids sure make your heart swell two sizes.

CoKo Sunshine & Cody on the caterpillar coaster

Arriving at the kid friendly section my daughter and son-in-law went back to ride the Ferris wheel, because after 11 years together, it would be a first. “Sure, we’ll keep the kids, no problem,” I told her. So with two revved up youngins and little Stormy Trooper in a stroller I took pictures as Joe, Cody’s father, videoed the kids riding the boats then the ponies. “That was AWESOME!” CoKo and Cody were having too much fun as Joe and I kept up pushing the baby in the stroller. Then it happened…we ran out of tickets. Try explaining that to a pair of enthusiastic youngsters. So putting ‘fun’ on pause for just a moment, Joe bought more tickets as I bought them a blown up Smurf and mermaid, which the dynamic duo carried around to each ride. Once the escapades began again the precocious pair rode the train, the bumble bees, another rollercoaster, then climbed the jungle gym “That was AWESOME!” and back to the ponies…whew! By this time I was parched, so we found a lemonade stand when CoKo loudly proclaimed she had to “pee.” Yikes! When a three year old has to go…THEY HAVE TO GO!

Joe tried hurrying the lemonade guy as I desperately searched the crowd for my daughter. No sign of her, but CoKo was starting to do the “I gotta go!” dance just as the lemonade guy finished. In great haste the five of us sprinted toward the bathroom…and relief. It was a close call, but we made it, just as my daughter caught up to us and said a man was about to be shot out of a cannon. Well dickens…we’d never seen that before! “Let’s go!”

Making our way over to the cannon to get a good view we decided to stand right next to it. Hey, what did we know about standing right beside a huge, loaded, firing device? Remember, we were novices. Anyway, there we were standing right beside the enormous cannon as the crowd’s anticipation grew and the kids got antsy waiting to witness the mega event. Finally, the cannon guy, dressed in a blue ‘flight’ suit, climbed atop the cannon as it started to lift up, pointing higher in the air. As he climbed in we watched with bated breath when over a loud speaker a countdown started. Five…four…three…two…BOOM! Holy cow, “That was AWESOME!”

And REALLY loud! Poor little Stormy started crying; as my daughter soothed him I felt there was life lesson about going to a fair. It goes something like this: The best thing grownups can do is remember what it’s like being a child…then simply smile and say, “That was AWESOME!”

Can you imagine…all the times you’ve hollered, “Woo-hoo!”

Love, hugs and smiles… | |



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