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Just What You Need

September 26, 2013

“Rain ponchos! Get your rain ponchos for a dollar!” I called out as folks ran past, trying to dodge rain drops and everyone in the booth laughed. Shoot fire, I was having a blast and those within earshot either came rushing over to put a poncho on right away. Or, they just laughed and kept on dodging raindrops. “You’re laughing, but you’re getting wet!” I hollered at them smiling. Dickens, I bet fifty rain ponchos sold that afternoon. I even sold one to cover a wooden chair. Nothing like selling sunblock all morning and rain gear in the afternoon, but I was told that was par for the course in Hillsville.

Needless to say, I had too much fun helping Ray and Joyce that weekend. My friend Gina couldn’t make it so I took her place and helped Joyce while Mutt and Jeff (so not their real names) helped Ray.

Anyway, Ray and Joyce sell medicinal remedies, and I was stationed in the ‘aches, pains and heartburn’ section learning more about antacids and headache powders then I ever wanted to know…seriously. Some folks wanted immediate relief, opening the package before I handed them change. Dickens, you know how much water I could’ve sold with each bottle of pain reliever?

Honestly, having repeated conversations about the effects of ibuprofen over acetaminophen was mind boggling. Personally, I don’t take anything for pain until I’m in ‘shoot me now’ mode. But when I do…I prefer naproxen sodium.

So imagine my surprise by the number of people adamant about BC’s over Goody’s. Durn diddles, would you believe they were stubborn, too? Well actually, you probably would. You’d probably stand right beside them saying ‘yep, nothing beats it’ about your favorite ‘ahhhh’ relief. Shoot, I just thought one package was blue and the other red. Who knew? Of course, I was fielding questions like… did we have it in PM, was there a bathroom nearby, and is there aspirin in it? “No…no…and I don’t know, let me read the label.” Dickens, I read more labels in those three days then I’ve read in all my (29 forever) years.

Okay, enough about headaches, moving down the body a bit we come to the second biggest area of concern. I never thought I’d meet so many folks with tummy troubles. Having one conversation with a guy about not eating the foods that gave him heartburn to begin with, he said, “It’s just not that easy.” Well, I guess not when you feel the need to buy a year’s supply. Isn’t that like putting ‘heartburn’ on your calendar for the next twelve months? Bummer.
However, everything wasn’t pain related. Some folks asked for fiber capsules, fish oil, or toe fungus cream. I even had a young girl ask slightly embarrassed, “You probably don’t have any, but I woke up with a cold sore this morning.”

“Hold that thought, I’ve got just what you need,” as I handed her the only package we had of Abreva. Plus, I sold out of…you know…women’s monthly stuff. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be reading a package of Pamprin out loud and asking a gal if she had cramps and bloating, “Or, are you just cranky today?” She laughed and said she’d take the multiple symptoms. You know… I don’t usually get cranky and bloated. But when I do…I take Pamprin.

And of course, what flea market is exempt from bargain hunters who get their kicks dickering over a dollar? Well, it was like I told one man over a three dollar item he wanted two for five. “Can’t lower the price, I have to eat lunch today.” Then he asked if I’d take ten for three. Well, my rapid fire brain paused for a split second before I answered, “Yes, and I’m so nice I’ll even give you a dollar back.” He laughed and walked away; probably got wet in the rain too.

Can you imagine…feeling better already?

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