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Traveling Grandmas

October 10, 2013

One of my dearest friends, Margery, was going to Morehead City for five days to visit her son’s family and asked if I wanted to come. “BEACH! Well, I’ll be dipped in diddles! HECK YEAH!” I responded rather enthusiastically. It was a lengthy drive for both of us, but when you share a long trip with a friend it just makes it easier. Arriving and unloading, we headed to the docks to see the Blue Marlin, which had been caught during a fishing tournament, and partly the reason we were there. We discovered later it was the fish that won, weighing in at over 465lbs! Wowzer, a marina official even gave me one of its scales…creepy, but cool.

Perfect weather the entire visit, those five days quickly became a flurry of activity. The day after our arrival Margery’s very precocious seven year old grandson, Ryan, became our charge and we took him to the marina pool while his younger sister went to daycare. Of course, being solar powered, I soaked up rays as they played Frisbee in the water. Then we took him to the aquarium and checked out sea creatures where I took an awesome picture of a turtle skeleton. However, I think one of the most amazing sea creatures is the utterly graceful jelly fish with their flowing tentacles. I just wouldn’t want to tangle, or tango, with one.

Bobbi & Margery in the orchard

We also went deep sea fishing one evening and I drove the boat for a bit. Yep, there I was…a glass of wine in one hand and the steering wheel thingy (insert technical name here) in the other. The next day we were packed and ready for surf fishing, but the boat wasn’t cooperating, even having the audacity to make dreadful noises. Needless to say, we returned to the slip. However, our disappointment turned out to be a blessing as Margery’s son realized no one had turned the car off or grabbed the keys. Yikes!

Well dickens, we didn’t surf fish but Margery’s son said we’d go fishing at the golf course because they stock the ponds. Allow me to preface this by saying, Margery would hand me a glass of wine every night a five, and pond fishing started around eight. So, let’s see…at the rate of 1.5 glasses of wine per hour…hmm, carry the one… I’d say by the time I had a fishing pole in my hand I was…what’s the term…ah, tipsy! Yeppers, but I still caught three bass, unhooked ‘em and threw ‘em back. Poor Ryan, at seven he’s very competitive and wasn’t happy I’d caught the first and the most fish. However, after the whirlwind of fun and excitement from hanging out with Margery and me, Ryan said, “You guys are fun! Do you have to leave?” So I told him we were the ‘traveling grandmas’ and…we’d be back!

Actually, we visited all three sets of Margery’s grandchildren this summer. Interestingly, she has three sons, each of which have two children…a boy first, then a girl. That’s an impressive gene pool lineage. One of her sons lives in Asheville and we just went there recently because it’s apple season. Yum! They live in a house situated on the edge of the apple orchard so we just walked out the back door, down the road and into the orchard. Trees were full of apples with more on the ground. Having brought bags, we started picking up apples. Wowzer, they were bigger than any apple I’d ever bought. They were golden, but I’m partial to Fuji. That’s when I spotted a tree with red/green apples similar to my favorite. My bag was already full…and heavy. Gazing wistfully however, I asked, “Are those Fuji?” I could almost taste the word as I wished someone would say ‘yes.’

“I don’t know, go up there and see,” Margery said. Well durn diddles, didn’t have to tell me twice. I put my bag down and took off between the golden apple trees. Reaching the green/red apples I was certain they were Fuji. Then realized I’d put my bag down. Good thing we were in the mountains and I had worn a long sweater that day. So I reached down and grabbed the bottom of my sweater making a pocket, which I filled with as many apples as I could carry. Margery laughed when she saw me with my sweater full of apples and asked if I was carrying Johnny Appleseed’s baby. Yes, and it’s a Fuji!

Can you imagine…tangoing with a jelly fish?

Smile, and eat a Fuji a day! | |



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