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Birthday Fantasy Fairy

November 14, 2013

My birthday is the 19th of November, which some of you remember because I shamelessly mention it every year. I also shamelessly mention that I’m turning 29 again. Although, I’ve noticed with each passing 29th birthday my idea for an awesome gift has changed from a new vacuum or cordless drill to include a mini lift, or diamonds. I know…diamonds, right? Who knew? Because in my earlier 29 years I was never overly excited by diamonds, but as the 29’s keep passing I’ve found myself growing fond of those little sparkling gems. (Wait, did I say ‘little’…oops! typo.) Yet, big or small, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, which brings me to my splendid idea for anyone’s birthday celebration. A BFF!

Not a typical BFF, but a Birthday Fantasy Fairy BFF. Never heard of a Birthday Fantasy Fairy? Well, just imagine a winged fairy dressed in tights and a tutu, who sprinkles fairy dust on you while making your fantasy birthday wish come true. Wowzer, the possibilities are endless!

Anyway, I thought we’d have fun sharing birthday fantasies with our far-fetched, yet amazing BFF…just in case there may actually be one. Hey, you never know when, or where, a BFF may strike and surprise you on your birthday. Besides, anyone who can pull off wearing tights and a tutu while sprinkling fairy dust has got to have magical powers.

Well then, let’s rock this boat! Who wants to go first? Come on…don’t be shy. Just think of having a magic Birthday Fantasy Fairy that will grant you any fantasy birthday wish of your heart’s desire. Oh wait…a few rules before we begin. Invoking our moral compass every fantasy stays above the belt and within the lines of decency. (It just isn’t that kind of fairy.) Okay, let’s begin!

“Carol, what’s your birthday fantasy, doll?”

“Well…er…as soon as you said fantasy, my first thought was how marvelous it would be to eat an entire double chocolate cake with a gallon of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and not have one bit of it go to my hips!”

“Wouldn’t we all love that?! Oops, technically hips are below the belt, but it’s overruled Carol since you mentioned my favorite ice cream.

Anyone else have a birthday fantasy they’d like to share? Bill? Is that a smile on your face?”

“Mine is to hang glide over the Grand Canyon.”

“Wowzer, awesome spirit of adventure! So you hang glide?”


“Oh, well…ah, good luck with that, Bill. Dickens, I suppose it’s time to share my ultimate fantasy birthday with our magical BFF we conjured up.”

“First it would start with a dishwasher…and his name would be Carlos… yikes, just kidding! Actually, I’m not sure of all the details yet, but my fantasy birthday would include a huge party with all my friends, family and Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Oh, wow! It just turned into a costume ball with everyone dressed as their favorite movie character. My only stipulation: all the men have to wear cowboy boots. Hey, it’s my fantasy!”

“Wait, there’s more! The party would take place on a cruise ship, because I’ve always wanted to take a cruise. Of course, its heading would be somewhere tropical…like Australia. I know, Australia isn’t exactly tropical, but I’ve never been there. Besides, my birthday is in the Fall here, which means Spring there. Oh yeah, the food would be all gluten free and wouldn’t go to anyone’s hips. Drinks would flow from a huge fountain and all you had to do was think of what you wanted and it would pour into your glass. Sort of like a Harry Potter movie. Then from Australia we’d all hop on the Concorde (pulled from retirement expressly for my birthday) to Italy, Greece and England because I’ve always wanted to travel there too. Wowzer, I’m excited…let’s get this 29th birthday started!”

Can you imagine…your fantasy birthday?

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