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Hug Hair

February 7, 2013

Need a hug? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we greeted everyone we meet with a warm hug? Seriously, who doesn’t need a hug? I’m a huge hugger, hugging as often as I can. However, I must say, some of the most heartfelt hugs are with people who didn’t think they needed one. Amazingly enough, hugging another human being who was at first hesitant, you will actually feel their body relax, almost as if a silent sigh escaped every fiber of their being as they hug you back. What an awesome connection to someone else’s soul essence.

Dickens, all this talk about hugging brings to mind Juan Mann. He started a “Free Hugs Campaign” offering hugs because he wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives. The idea came to him after he’d gotten off an airplane, despondent, no one to greet him, no place to call home. He witnessed people at the airport meeting friends and relatives and everyone was hugging. And he wanted a hug too. Actually, he really felt he needed a hug, you see he was at a low point in his life.

Turning a simple act of human kindheartedness into a campaign to alter other’s lives, one day he grabbed a piece of cardboard and wrote “Free Hugs” on it, then went in search of the busiest intersection in Sydney. His sole purpose for giving free hugs was to brighten another person’s day. He said it took about 15 minutes, then a lady came up to him and explained she’d just lost her dog that morning, and it was also the anniversary of her daughter’s death...and she needed a hug. Juan knelt and hugged her.

Big, small, old, young, he hugged them all. He touched people’s lives in powerful ways that day. As with the first woman he hugged, the possibilities are endless about what could be going on in another person’s life. Friends, this brings a tear to my eye thinking of all the people we walk by every day who may have suffered a recent loss or tragedy and we don’t know it. Or, if they’d just gotten married or had a baby. Would you know? Could you possibly discern what’s going on in someone else’s life? Are we that disconnected from each other?

Well, I can assure you, giving hugs could change someone’s day in profound ways. Because hugging does make a difference; it shows you care, and you’re willing to reach out and embrace them, even a stranger. Some people are naturally huggers, some need to be coaxed. Next time you’re deciding to hug or not to hug, consider one of the most important things we have in life is our relationships with other people. So hug away, you’ll be glad you did!

And if you’re friends with me on Facebook you know I’ve been out-of-town quite a bit lately with a great group of people. Plus, they are big on hugging too! Wowzer, my kind of folks!

One night a new friend of mine, Eric, had his hair slicked back and was looking rather dashing. However, when I saw him a little later the sides of his long hair where sticking out everywhere, so I went up behind him and combed it back into place with my fingers. Then I said, “Eric, you had ‘hug’ hair. He smiled and said, “I know,” which made me smile.
What a great concept I thought to myself. “Hug Hair!” Wowzer, just thinking about hugging someone in such a close, warm embrace as to cause a few tussles of hair to fall out of place; now that’s a hug worth giving!!!

Can you imagine…creating joy with a hug?

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