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The Next Step You Take

November 21, 2013

The road you’ve traveled in life isn’t as important as the fact that you have arrived where you are right now. Because to have gotten here, there were only two roads on which you could have taken. Sadly, one road is the path of unhappiness. If you are on a journey where regret, fear, disappointment, failure and despair litter the path with hindrances, you undoubtedly stumble over them as you attempt to choose your next footfall.

Unfortunately, on this path you may have become accustomed to difficulties, which towered over you as insurmountable mountains in a range stretching far into the future in a seemingly endless stream of ‘can’ts’ and ‘don’ts’. This path, full of setbacks, is littered with boulders and crevasses appearing too large to climb, or go around, even overwhelming to you at times. Understandably, you’ve become exhausted walking the rocky terrain, feeling the next step was always hopeless because you’ve never seemed able to gain significant ground. But there is always hope. Hope resides within you. It exist in the next step you ‘choose’ to take because, you see, the other path is happiness. Where joy, confidence, courage, success and inspiration line the path like shining beacons to stave off darkness and offer clear vision for a sure and steady footing. ‘Can’t’ and ‘don’t’ will not survive on this path because they require elements like, undeserving, unworthy and unlovable, which are untenable on the path of happiness.

If you’re happy, chances are opportunities have been identified easily and utilized successfully by you, therefore your path appears smooth and your steps sure-footed. You have obviously chosen wisely the steps on your path to arrive joyfully to where you are now. Truly, when happiness is working well in your life then gratitude is yours. You deserve it. Everyone does. Not declaring your path has been an easy one, of course. On the contrary, all paths are not paved in gold and easy to traverse. Some of us are simply choosing to navigate terrain differently.

By that I mean, some folks choose happiness; and it IS a choice. Allow me to digress for just a moment and say what some of you, who have been reading me long enough, already know. However, I feel it is necessary to mention, for those who don’t know, that I was a very bitter, resentful teenager and young adult. I blamed the things I perceived as ‘wrong’ in my life on everyone else in my life. Then someone said to me, “You love to be miserable.” Of course, at that time you couldn’t convince me I was intentionally being miserable. I just thought my life be blunt. Well, some time passed after that comment during which my life (and my attitude) wasn’t getting any better. However, a major turning point occurred when I realized I didn’t want a future as miserable as I had lived my past. Suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, I wanted to be happy and didn’t care what it cost me. It was at that moment I CHOSE TO WALK A DIFFERENT PATH.

For those of you who aren’t happy with your journey in life remember this, you can’t start taking steps in the right direction until you stop taking them in the wrong direction. I did, and I’ve never looked back. I find joy in everything, big or small. Some people don’t ‘get’ me and think I’m a little off, or even eccentric. But that’s okay, because I know the secret behind my joy and laughter and I will never, ever stray from the path of happiness again as long as I live.

Besides, the path of happiness is so much easier to navigate; it’s almost as if things come to you instead of struggling so hard to get to them. Even when a major event happens, like my recent hit and run accident, I just take a deep breath and see where it leads me because I know reacting negatively instantly places me on the unhappiness path. I know, some of you are thinking, “Yeah, but they hit you and got away! I’d be so mad.” I would too, if I CHOSE to be. But walking that path simply isn’t worth it to me. Instead, I choose to see the positive side of everything, and believe it or not, there always is.

If you are unhappy, please choose wisely the next step you take. If you are happy, then stay the course of your bliss. The next step you take is your choice.

Can you imagine…choosing happiness?

Smile, it’s a great choice! | |



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