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No, Thank You

November 28, 2013

Gratitude doesn’t need a holiday. Being thankful should be a constant occurrence throughout our daily lives. Each morning we wake is certainly enough to start our day with gratitude just to be alive. Surely you agree, considering the alternative. Which brings me to asking what you’re thankful for; being it’s the time of year when we celebrate a year, or a lifetime, worth of thanksgivings.

While you’re contemplating the cosmos, and your life, I’ll just add that we’ve been taught the first Thanksgiving was a feast celebrating the harvest and lasted three days. However, what we weren’t taught is that in colonial days folks regularly had days of ‘thanksgiving’ when they would pray and thank God for blessings such as rain after a drought, or a good hunt which fed the colony. Ever stop being too busy to consider all your blessings? Remember, being grateful doesn’t just happen on Thanksgiving. Gratitude is our constant reminder of what it means to be alive. Ultimate gratitude comes with being thankful for where you are in your life right now regardless of the circumstances. Offering prayers and blessings for what you do have, even if it’s just the air you breathe and the heart that beats inside your chest, instead of lamenting over what you don’t have, is the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

However, if you’re struggling with something in your life right now you may feel being grateful is difficult or unnecessary (especially for the little things)? Dickens, if that’s the case, try this experiment. Start saying “No, thank you” to everything, especially what you consider ‘little’ things. Once you start saying “No, thank you” to everyone it won’t take long to realize there are so many things (big and small) to be grateful for in your life.

For example, allow me to paint a clear picture of ‘little’ things. Let’s say you’re waiting to enter onto a busy road and several people slow down and wave for you to pull out; except you are going to say, “No, thank you” to each one of them. So you wait…and wait…and wait. Eventually, law of averages states there should be an opportunity for you to pull into the flow of traffic. Just think: if you were thankful for little things, you could have been on your way twenty minutes earlier.

Next time you attend a meeting just say, “No, thank you” when asked if you’d like some coffee, or a snack. “No, thank you” you really don’t need a pen to take notes. Goodness, imagine yourself sitting there while your stomach growls and half asleep because you need coffee like mud needs wrestlers. And how in the blue blazes are you going to recall details without taking notes. Well, just remember, you decided to opt out of being grateful for little things.

Ever been in the grocery store holding a package of AA batteries because the remote control quit working and you absolutely can’t miss the season finale of Survivor? Meanwhile the lady in front of you has what appears to be a month’s worth of groceries and pet food piled high in her cart, yet suggests you go first. What are you going to say? “No, thank you.” Exactly! Because you aren’t grateful for the little moments life offers. So you wait for thirty-seven minutes because ringing up 102 cans of cat food takes time.

Or, how about saying “No, thank you” to everything on Thanksgiving Day? Gee, no more second helpings of turkey, ham, hot rolls, or mashed potatoes. Oh my, and when the desserts come out you’ll be saying “No, thank you” to pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream. You know, it just might be easier to be grateful for little things.

Because if you are consistently grateful for the small things in life, chances are, you’ll never take for granted the big things. However, if you’re still not convinced you have anything to be thankful for say “No, thank you” to each circumstance and situation. Suddenly, you’ll be amazed at how many opportunities in a single day you could be grateful and offer a sincere “Thank you” in return.

Can you imagine…simply being grateful for everything!

Smiling is like wearing happiness on your face!

Special note from Bobbi G: Thank you for reading my column, it means so much to me. Wishing you blessings and love this holiday season and always. | |



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