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Princess Kuechly

January 2, 2014

Wake up, stretch, yawn, eat, play…yes, I was adjusting to my life as a lovable, fluffy kitten rather nicely. After all, I had my own private suite called a ‘closet’ with a never ending supply of little crunchy tuna flavored nibblets to eat, my own bed and two windows which let the morning sunlight in. Even though I was thoroughly content with my daily routine, I was oblivious to my royal destiny.

Until one day when extra, special excitement was in the air, which only served to prime my feline curiosity. You could say my perceptive whiskers were on high alert. Something big was about to happen, I could sense it; especially since my chocolate and caramel fur was so lovingly groomed that morning. Goodness, even I had to admit I was beautiful.

My excitement intensified when I heard kitchen noises and knew something was cooking, because…well…basically there hadn’t been that much ‘cooking’ since my arrival. That morning I sniffed the sweet smell of cookies, cupcakes and pecan pie. Even the aroma of glazed ham wafted through the air. My curiosity now on overdrive I pondered the delectable scents. Why all the fuss, what did it all mean?

I so desired to sample the delicious menu as my mouth watered. Although, ham was not brought to my food dish I was given fresh milk, which made me feel as warm and fuzzy inside as I am outside. Loving milk, I lapped up every drop. Thrilled by the excitement beyond my door I batted and chased a shoe string around the floor. Then I played with my little pink ball with the bell in it until it went under the shelf and I couldn’t reach it with my paw. Later that evening I was allowed to sit with on the bed and watch TV. Totally convinced my life was changing because that, too, had never happened previously. Although the possibilities of what was about to happen escaped my limited life experiences. After all, I was only 12…weeks old. Even though I was having such fun playing on the bed, alas, I was placed back in my room for the night. Sleep? Now? I couldn’t! Using my small kitten voice I cried, “Meow, meow.” Of course, I was allowed to play for a few minutes more. Finally exhausted after an eventful day, I fell peacefully asleep and dreamed of catnip toys.

The sun was barely up the next morning when I was awakened and placed in a huge box with small holes to look out. It had a soft pink bottom so I curled up cozily on the towel. Suddenly the box was being carried through the house, past two large black and white animals I had smelled but never seen. (Yet, I was positive they were canines.) Once outside I could feel cool air seep in the holes in the box. Trying to peer out, I couldn’t see anything but realized the box was placed inside a large vehicle, which soon pulled out of the driveway. Apparently, I was being taken somewhere and wasn’t sure where, or why.

Finally arriving, I could hear mumbled sounds of talking and laughter as I was carried inside. However, I also heard excited cries from children as they appeared to be opening gifts and shouting with glee. The rustling and bustling of paper could be heard clearly. Fun was happening, however, I was still inside this box! Suddenly, my box was carried in and placed on the floor. Slowly the lid was opened and a tiny, smiling face peered down at me with a huge smile and surprised laugh. “Is it for me?” the little girl asked quietly.

“Yes, she is for you” her mother said. Gently reaching in the little girl stroked my head and back. Then her mother lifted me out of the box and I was handed to the little girl. The child quivered with joy as she hugged and petted me. “What’s her name?” asked her mother. “Kuechly the Princess Kitty” the little girl exclaimed with delight. And that’s how I became royalty.
Can you imagine…a little girl’s princess kitten?
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