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January 9, 2014

There are countless ways to bring in the New Year easily adaptable to each level of the party animal persona. First, we encounter the enthusiastic (don’t need a reason) partiers in the crowd who consider three people, 21 or older, standing in close proximity to each other a ‘party waiting to happen.’ On the contrary, the tranquil loafers (sans socks) and knit scarf partiers who prefer casual wine and cheese get-togethers while discussing world economics favor an expressed reason to entertain. Lastly, there are those too pooped to party who opt for a cozy bed, fluffy pillow and catching up on serious Z’s as the zealous bunch feast on food and spirits while catering to their ‘mild’ or ‘wild’ side till the wee hours.

Regardless of which type of party animal you are, all I have to say (and most women will agree) is: Men are so lucky…shower, shave, shoes and out the door you go. Meanwhile, ladies stress over the right shade of pantyhose to wear with a royal blue gown. Okay, maybe that was me. But only because this past New Year’s Eve was special because my friend Gina had never been to a New Year’s Eve party so I suggested she come dancing with Rick and me. Allow me to stress ‘dancing’ was a really big deal because Gina didn’t consider herself a dancer and almost chickened out. Yet, she mustered her courage and arrived on the eve of the New Year about 3:30pm because we had to be there by seven-ish and… YIKES! We only had 3 1/2 hours. Dickens, were we pushing it!

Men, I realize you don’t ‘get’ what takes women so long. Ladies, however, understand that ‘formal’ complicates everything like: hair (up or down); makeup (glitter or matt); shoes (heels or flats); pantyhose (sheer toe or reinforced); nail polish (fingers and toes); accessories (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair clips, rings); coats (long or short); perfume (floral bouquet or spicy sex appeal). Jiminy, talk about mindboggling and the clock was ticking!

First we decided on bling as I rummaged through my jewelry boxes. Right in the middle of comparing dangling earrings Rick showed up with KFC. SCREEEECH….primping came to a grinding halt long enough to literally stuff chicken in our faces. Holy dickens, my face! It wasn’t on! But wait! Gina needed to get into hot-rollers first! “YIKES, WHAT TIME IS IT?!” I called out as we rushed around in a state of semi-organized chaos.

Bobbi G & Gina - Gorgeous in 2014!

Within minutes (say 45-ish) Gina’s curlers were in and my makeup was on. Everything was going smoothly as we continued to rush about from the bedroom to the bathroom and back again. Curlers out, Gina’s hair went up; then it went down; then it went back up; then it went down again. Her blonde locks finally ended up in a side pony tail and looked totally awesome. Mine went up and stayed which meant we were close…very close. Whew! Amazingly, after all the fuss we finished ten minutes early!

Thus piling in Rick’s truck in our formal attire I imagined it was Cinderella’s coach taking us to the ball as we drove away. Arriving, it felt like prom night because all the women were absolutely beautiful and the men dashingly handsome. Once the music started Rick and I immediately hit the dance floor shimmying and spinning each other about the room. Gina sat out the first few songs but ended up dancing, twirling and even twisting right alongside Rick and me. At midnight everyone counted down from 10 to “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” when balloons dropped from the ceiling like fanciful champagne bubbles flowing down on merrymakers. It was a totally awesome night of dancing, laughing and too much fun after which Gina said, “That was a blast, let’s go again!” Wowzer, let’s go!

You don’t have to be a party animal to bring in the New Year, but what a marvelous way to celebrate with friends, festivities and saying good-bye to past accomplishments while looking forward to our blessings this New Year. Happiness, joy and love to all of you!

Can you imagine…what you will accomplish this year?

Smile and count your blessings. | |



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