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The Gift Of Time

January 16, 2014

Time has literally been on my mind since my friend Margery gave me ‘the gift of thyme’ for Christmas. Granted it was a beautiful herb thyme plant, but the phrase she used when she gave it to me was “I’m giving you the gift of time.” Dickens, I thought she meant time (as in more of it) and was excitedly curious as to how she was going to accomplish such a feat. Then she handed me a beautiful herb plant now soaking up the sun in my office window as I write. Not at all disappointed she wasn’t actually able to gift time, I realized it was about time I considered the meaning of time.

Obviously, at one time or another everyone has wished they had more time, usually in the form of more hours in the day or days in the week. Mostly, I’d like more days in a weekend. Four sounds great, don’t you think? Well, we can wish all we want but a twitch of our nose won’t zap more time into our existence. Neither does time grant us more of itself when we feel a lack of it to complete a task. Does this mean there isn’t enough time? On the contrary, ‘time’ is forever present. Although, it doesn’t speed up or slow down just because we’re pressed for it. Time effortlessly passes without outside influence or alteration. Yet, there are two distinctly different viewpoints on time. One view is a fundamentally realistic approach that time is merely the manner in which events occur. The opposing view states that time isn’t a ‘thing’ and cannot be measured, it simply exists.

For our intents, the word time is used to describe the method in which we chronicle events into past, present and future only to then assign intervals between each. Although most of us don’t usually contemplate time we track time as a means to fashion order to events in our lives without which we’d surely feel disoriented; even aimless. Thus, does time give purpose to our lives or do we give purpose to time?

As I contemplate the idea of time vs. purpose the thought which keeps vying for attention states clearly that both avenues hold true. Time certainly adds purpose to our life in respect to planning events (goals) for our future based on an education or planning a relationship to encompass marriage, children and building a life together. In addition, we give purpose to time when we use it wisely; the alternative being wasting time doing nothing.

Have you heard the “Jack-in-the-box” commercial where a man says, “Jack, last night I made a bad decision.” To which Jack responds, “Then make a good one this morning.” Obviously, Jack intends the man to order a couple of breakfast biscuits. Yet, every time I hear those words they speaks to me… “make a good one this morning.” Isn’t making a good decision giving purpose to the time we have? None of us know exactly how much time we have to enjoy in this life so let’s not waste this gift we call ‘time’ by making bad decisions, choosing options which don’t benefit our lives, or wasting time on negative emotions. Any increment of time, no matter how small, is wasted when we do something which doesn’t add joy or happiness to our lives.

They say, “life is short” and “the older you get the faster time flies” to quote a few clichés. Great minds have hashed over the definition of time, however, the aspect which cannot be argued is that time is always now. Vow to spend every increment of your time to bring joy and happiness into your life, and the lives of others, as you utilize your gift of time wisely. Remember, the only time you have control over is now. Make it the best time of your life.

Can you imagine…a four day weekend?
Smile, it’s time!




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