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The Greatest Love Story

February 14, 2013

Remember your first love? Mine was a seventh grader named was David. He had shoulder-length blonde hair, sat in front of me in class and never knew I existed because I was so incredibly shy. (Hard to believe now, isn’t it?) Funny, I can’t picture his face anymore, just the back of his head. Needless to say, it never became a great love story. Hmmm, I wonder if I could find a picture of the back of someone on Facebook?

Speaking of the social network giant, I posted a question asking if anyone had a great love story to share. A gentleman said he met her on the psych ward, fell in love and they have been happily married ever since. Hey! They were employees not patients. But isn’t happily-ever-after a great love story.

Another friend shared that her love stories include four legged animals. So true, I know those two weeks I was in Chapel Hill I missed my dogs something awful. Dickens, when I came home from the first week I threw my suitcase on the bed, grabbed the leashes and took the canine crew for a walk. Just wanted to spend some quality time with them; they loved it and so did I.

Another FB friend mentioned that he had a few great love stories but they turned tragic. How sad I thought, bringing to mind Anthony and Cleopatra, or Romeo and Juliet. But maybe he didn’t mean it that way, which then brought to mind how love is bigger than just two people.

You see, love is the ultimate emotion. Falling in love is like riding a roller coaster. First, the anticipation has you sitting on the edge of your seat. Then you’re falling fast and feeling the rush of it all as the emotional thrill overtakes you, excited by all the possibilities around every turn and over each hill. And even if the ride ended, love brings so much joy, you want to go again.

Love just feels that awesome; in fact, being in love feels awesome on all levels. Friends, each of you are living your own ‘greatest love story’ if you’re in love, because you get to be ‘in love’ all the time. Tell them and show them always. Yes, love sure makes our heart smile. Yet love is still so much more.

Love is the look in your lover’s eyes and knowing it’s just for you. Love is a warm good morning kiss, and a warmer good night kiss. Love is just being together and not saying anything at all. Love is a couple still holding hands after fifty years together. Love is your heart leaping out of your chest the first time you see your new born child. Love is waiting for your special someone to wake up from surgery with all the tubes and bandages...and you think they look amazing. Love is a pile of puppies rolling around with your toddler and the laughter enlarges your heart two sizes. Love is sharing an ice cream cone just because ice cream tastes better when shared.

Love is a first adolescent kiss under the bleachers, leaving you giddy for weeks. Love is holding hands across the front seat while singing to the radio, not caring if either of you can carry a tune or not. Love is when you are cold and he gives you his socks to wear in bed. Love is coming home to your favorite dinner just because she loves you. Love is a cartoon band aid. Love is hearing a child say, “I love you” for the first time.

Love is listening for hours to your friend when they need to talk. Love is praying for others because you know it makes a difference. Love is dropping everything for someone in need. Love is a kind act for a stranger. Love is opening your home to those in need. Love is helping provide for those who can’t provide for themselves.

Friends, I wish you love and happiness this Valentine’s Day because love is more than a stuffed gorilla or a box of chocolates. Love is you...opening your heart without limitations. Love is a timeless treasure, knowing not of boundaries because love is not meant to be locked away, but to be given freely. There is love for all of you. Find it, share it, give it.
“Can you imagine”...a warm hug, a smile and an “I love you.”

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