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Make A Wish

January 30, 2014

It doesn’t matter how old you are birthdays are special. However, they are extra special when you’re a precocious child turning four and having a Tinker Bell party, as my granddaughter, Coko, did this past Saturday. My daughter, an avid Pinterest junkie, discovered the most adorable party favors. She asked me to make the non-drip ice cream cones using the recipe for my ‘almost famous’ cupcake frosting, except with strawberry pudding. Yikes, I had to buy some cones! Gawking at the dozens of varieties of waffle cones, mini cones (cool idea) and double cones my eyes fixated on the colored ones. When did that happen? Pink, purple and blue cones sounded prefect for a Tinker Bell party. Grabbing a box I rushed to the checkout while my brain decompressed from the overwhelming selection.

Arriving at my daughter’s house slightly early to help I was assigned the task of creating magic wands using grapes on a shish kabob stick and topping it off with a piece of star shaped honeydew melon. (Obviously a big hit with the parents since they magically disappeared.) After which I put frosting in pink and purple ice cream cones while my daughter topped them with a strawberry and sprinkles. Then she stuck a tiny spoon in them making them almost too adorable to eat.

The table was decorated in pink and purple while butterflies and streamers adorned the walls. Party favors were beautifully lined up on the counter as guest arrived and mingled while nibbling on chips and grapes as the children played in the play room. Once everyone was in attendance, my daughter gathered the group around the table, asked Coko to sit and lit the candles. It was time to sing “Happy Birthday.”

As the soft glow of the candlelight lit her angelic face I wondered what she was going to wish for when she blew out the candles. What do four year olds wish for? What do they dream about? How big of a picture do their young minds paint of their future as such a tender age?

Did she make a wish to be a ballerina or maybe a doctor just before she blew out the candles? I never asked, but I wondered as I reminisced about my daughter’s childhood. Now that she is a mother herself memories flood my thoughts as I remember the time she was four and played in yard. She had just seen The Wizard of Oz and was pretending she was in a tornado as she rolled down a small hill. Reaching the bottom she sat up and talking to an imaginary Toto said, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” She may have dreamed of being an actress when she was young because she always had a creative imagination.

Isn’t it amazing to see young children and wonder who they will become when they grow up? As a parent we fill with pride as our children grow, learn and develop. Even wishing and hoping future dreams for them. Yet children need to discover their desires themselves. We, as parents, are simply here to guide and advise when needed. Sometimes children show signs at an early age of their talents and interest. I keep saying my granddaughter is a mini me because she loves to draw and paint, plants and animals, and to sing and dance, just like me. Oh, and she loves cowboy boots…totally awesome! However, she could grow up and become a scientist. Or find her passion in teaching pre-school children as her mother does.

Studies have shown that small children, as early as three, are capable of expressing an opinion on what they want to do when they grow up. However, they can only articulate what they have seen. Therefore exposure to a large variety of careers at an early age will not only aid in the behavioral and cognitive development of a child, but inspire them toward a career path as they grow, influencing decisions they make in school along the way. Fascinating to think that a three or four year old would say, “I want to help sick people” because they felt better after a doctor’s visit. Or a child who lines up dolls and teaches them colors because they have been exposed to an adult in that capacity. Very young children often dream of being police officers, teachers and even superheros like Spiderman.

If you have children, give them the advantage of contact with as many career paths as possible. You could be giving them the best opportunity to make a wish.

Can you imagine…all your wishes coming true?

Smile, you are amazing!



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