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Flip vs. Mini

March 27, 2014

Well, I finally did it. I wasn’t sure I was ready to be thrust so far into the 21st Century but you know what they say… once you’ve had it you never go back. Although, for years I’ve been happily content just peeking at technology from the old school side of the fence I never thought I’d find myself joining in on the brouhaha. Until I had an epiphany…just as the first homeowner having indoor plumbing must have been thrilled to take a shorter walk to…well, you know. I realized technology is our currently reality. No sense denying it any longer. So, I broke down Sunday and got one a ‘smarter than a 5th grader’ phone. I know, right! I can’t believe it either.

Well, let me just add getting my first smart phone turned in to a daunting experience. First discussing which plan best suited my needs. My ‘needs’ I explained were to make and receive phone calls and occasionally text. However, I was adamant I wanted the Mini phone (as opposed the one slightly smaller than a bread box). It’s slim, kinda sexy and fits in the back pocket of my jeans. (Yikes, did my flip phone make my butt look big?! Wait…don’t answer that!)

Anyway, even after the sales rep made sure I knew how to make a call and text before I left the store I still felt overwhelmed. So I read the instruction books…all of them. Did you know it clearly states you shouldn’t be talking on your phone or texting while driving? It also suggested not eating, drinking, talking to anyone, trimming your toe nails, plucking your nose hair or anything else distracting while driving. Good to know.

I must say my initial transition into advanced technology has gone rather smoothly. Except all the press here, swipe there and tap, tap, tap instructions are still a blur. I’m never sure if I’m supposed to tap once, or swipe twice. Or, was it knock three times on the ceiling? Shoot, I’m glad my smart phone knows what the dickens it’s doing, even if I don’t. And with that in mind I decided to do an apple to orange comparison between Flip and Mini.

Making a call first I whip out Flip (trusty flip phone), flip it open and press a speed dial number…call is dialing. Easy breezy. On Mini I click a button to get the screen, swipe to unlock it. (I’m sure this maneuver was designed to prevent butt dialing, because unless you’ve got major jiggle in your trunk, unwanted calls shouldn’t happen.) Next, press the phone icon. (Interestingly enough it’s a picture of a prehistoric rotary phone handset. Go figure.) Then press and hold a number to speed dial. (Oops, didn’t work on the first call because apparently all the planets in our solar system hadn’t caught up to the speed dial requests I sent into the universe on initial set up.) Resorting to choosing ‘contacts’ Mini finally placed the call. Meanwhile on Flip I’d already ordered a thin crust, hamburger and green pepper pizza and hung up. Hmm…I have to side with the ease of the old flip technology on this one.

Speaking of hanging up…just flip Flip shut to hang up. In the other hand, Mini has a bright red icon to press. Then just keep tapping the ‘back’ icon to return to the original screen. Then click the side button to turn the screen off. Whew! Talk about a long walk to the outhouse. And I thought a smart phone would be like having inside facilities. Wellll dickens, let’s send a text next?

Let’s send: “What a glorious day in the neighborhood! Smiles…” Come on Flip let’s show ‘em what you’ve got! Select message, txt, contact and we’re ready to type. Hmm…let me just take a look…wait…need to get my glasses. Okay let’s…press 9 once, press 4 twice, press 2 once then 8 once. Yea, typed the word ‘what.’ Let’s check in on Mini… Click button for screen, swipe, messaging icon, contact, compose…now let me just press the microphone icon and speak… “What a glorious day in the neighborhood smiles” And I’m done! Meanwhile, on Flip I need an ‘s’… which means 7 four times, then space, 3 once, 2 once, 9 three times, space, 4 three times… Oh, forget it! Even with all the swiping and tapping, like a tap dancer with a runny nose, Mini wins the phone wars hands down. Shoot, I dreaded texting like some folks dread going to the dentist. Now that I have ‘talk to text’ you can bet your buttered biscuits I’m never going back to pressing 7 four times. Dickens, the 21st Century isn’t that bad after all.

Oh, did I tell you? The rep said tablets were on sale and asked if I wanted one. “What for?” I responded. Hey, no one said I had to jump into technology. I was thinking more like ‘techy toddler’ baby steps.

Can you imagine…actually, you probably can!

Smile, it’s a glorious day in the neighborhood.



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