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Woo-hoo, Summer!

April 24, 2014

Wowzer, it’s that time again and boy do I have fun, fun, fun planned this summer. I know what you’re thinking. “Summer? Have we had spring yet?” Well, the answer to that question has been a subject of debate for quite some time. But no one can argue that summer isn’t right around the corner and this year on the summertime festivities agenda is a spirited dose of TLC on my gutters, soffit and fascia.

Whew! Good thing I’m not afraid of heights. I just figure if I fall the ground will catch me. But just in case, think you could stop by when I’m two stories up on a ladder? Thanks. Oh, that reminds me, the window casings on the second floor need cheering up with a splash of paint. Hey, what’s that look for? Don’t you think working on house projects is fun? Shoot fire, I do! Remember last summer when Paul helped me put rolled roofing on the addition. We were tarred from one end to the other. Throw in a good ol’ feather pillow fight and talk about a rip roaring good time!

Well, this year’s kick-off party starts with Randy gallantly climbing a tall Willow Oak to take a little off the back in a spectacular display professional pruning. I swear that oak has gotten ornery over the last few years. Its branches actually touch the roof and spread into the power lines. Yikes! It may not sound like fun to you but trust me I’ll be doing a happy dance once Randy (“the right man for the job” I was told) gets his groove on and gives that oak a piece of his chainsaw.

Now, don’t go thinking all I have to do this summer is work on house projects. I have other stuff planned too like research, workshops, writing, publishing and marketing. Wowzer, the fun just keeps on keeping on around here! Remember last year one of the things on my summer bucket list was ride on a pontoon? Well, it’s still on the list this summer only I don’t know anyone with a pontoon so I may have to finagle that one a little. Hmm…maybe a jet ski…or some other small water craft. Not really the pontoon atmosphere I was looking for but…the point is, I’m doing something in water this year! NO! Not something in ‘the’ water. Geesh, you guys…what would I do without you? Sigh.

Anyway, sprinkled in between work and…well…work on the house I‘ve heard a rumor about a beach trip being planned. Now there’s a party waiting to happen. Holy mackerel, there will be fishing (woo-hoo, my fave) and four wheeling and finding seashells and soaking up rays and…whew! I’m not sure I can pack that much summertime joie de vivre into four days but I’ll do my best!

If that wasn’t enough sunny day jollies, I’m gonna do something a little different this year. Because I miss you guys so much all summer I’m going to drop in unannounced from time to time. And since you have no idea when that will be (and neither do I), your mission is to keep reading FOCUS each week to find out. Doesn’t that sound fabulous, darlin’? Besides, FOCUS is such a great paper to read I doubt I’ll be sneaking up on you.

Sooo…deal? Remember, I’m going to pop up unexpected and incognito like and surprise you with some whacky story from my summertime fun-time adventures. Dickens, now that I have a ‘smarter than a 5th grader phone’ I can capture Kodak moments and download them to my computer, or tablet…uh…as soon as I figure out how (also on the agenda) and send them along. Yeppers, it’s looking like a great summer and it hasn’t officially started yet. Just thought I’d get a jump start, you know…beat the crowds.

By the way, what are your plans for the summer…because if you’re not real busy I was wondering if you know how to replace fascia board? Jus’ sayin’…er...just kidding. Well, let’s not say good-bye…just ‘see you next time’… You know I love you guys. Have an awesomely scrumptious summer! Love, hugs and smiles.

Can you imagine…working hard at having fun?!

Summer smiles are so warm. P.S. This is my 369Th column. Double dang!



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