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Dust Bunnies Beware

March 14, 2013

Listen closely and you can hear Spring rustling through the trees, carried along on warm breezes. Look closely and you can see Spring reflected in the morning dew sparkling on sun-kissed petals of daffodils. While Spring is bustling around outside gently waking trees and flowers from their slumber, other considerations are awakening with the turn of the season.

Like Spring cleaning, for those of you who freshen up the house after the winter doldrums. Speaking of cleaning, a friend told me once that her mother always said, “Dust low.” Meaning, dust the baseboards. Some of you are probably asking, “What baseboards?” And if you’re asking, it’s probably a good guess you’re not dusting them. No worries; it’s not written in stone...I’m almost certain, anyway.

Besides, baseboards aren’t one of those things in life we sit around and ponder. Certainly not as profound as the meaning of why we always get in the slowest moving checkout line. I will say however, there is something to be said for clean baseboards; it’s like shining the shoes of your walls. Um... Let’s move along, shall we?

Anyway, since most of us hibernate during colder weather, the onset of warm days brings the excitement of an undeniable urge to shake off our winter doldrums too and get motivated. The question is: Motivated to do what? Clean the house...garage? Yard work? Take the kids to the zoo?

Many of you simply want any excuse to be outside enjoying the warm sunshine. I’m preparing to tackle my yard first. Dickens, there are tons of branches down in the front natural area, and a thick carpet of weeds extends from the side yard to every square inch of the back yard. Yikes, the ‘return of the dreaded chickweed’ has occurred. Yet, I am not afraid because I bought weed killer and plan on saturating the yard. Eureka, now that I think about it, I’m going to spray my gravel driveway too. Wowzer, that should keep me from filling up the three gallon backpack sprayer for a while.

Then there’s the annual pressure washing of the house and porches, cleaning out the garage, and the planning of a huge yard sale for everything I decided I could live without. Oh, and the decks need painting and the lattice needs replacing and I want to put new landscape fabric in the garden. What a great idea that was last tilling, no weeding, no worries just amazing vegetables. As for inside the house, think I’ll start chasing dust bunnies out from under the bed where they’ve been hiding all winter, multiplying. They’re probably the size of small armadillos by now. Of course, all the plants usually kept outside most of the year, are currently calling my closet home. Sounds strange having plants in my closet, I know, but my house is 114 years old and has been remodeled to include a new kitchen/dining room and den, making the old kitchen my enormous walk-in closet. Dickens, my closet is so big it needs its own zip code. And before you ask...yes, I’ve been spoiled by it. Actually, I need to finish trim work in the bathrooms I remodeled last year including (dusted) baseboards in the main bathroom and a new ceiling in the small bathroom. Of course, while I’m redecorating, I’d love a new kitchen complete with pantry cabinets. While all this sounds like a lot of work, I’m actually extremely busy preparing the debut my new seminar TRUTH/DARE in April, so I’m not sure how much I’m going to allow myself to be distracted this spring.

That being said, I think I’ll delay the urge to spruce up the house and yard and settle for chasing dust bunnies out from under the bed. Right after I walk the canine crew. Dust bunnies beware...I’ll be back!

Can you imagine...a dust bunny the size of an armadillo?

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