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A Bone To Pick

October 8, 2015

Wowzer, have I got a bone to pick with you! Kidding. Actually, you’re the one who needs to pick a bone, as in: Would you rather have a wish bone, a funny bone, or a back bone? Yikes, knee jerkers are screaming, “A wish bone! A wish bone! Then I could wish for whatever I want! Right?” Possibly, however, before the rest of you sprain your brain analyzing the pros of cons of each bone allow me to quote Reba McEntire’s secret to success: “To succeed in life, you need three things: a wish bone, a backbone, and a funny bone.”

Certainly well-rounded advice, yet, for the sake of dissecting the scope of possibilities and just to make things interesting let’s say you may only pick one. Now, which bone would you pick? Ahh…there you knee-jerkers go again, straight for the wish bone. Let me guess, you’ve seen too many movies offering three wishes, haven’t you? Just remember it was only a movie and there was always a catch. (Typical Hollywood drama.) However, this isn’t a movie. It’s your life and the only catch is this wish bone is personal.

For instance, let’s drift back in time to your childhood for a second. What did you wish you could do, or be, when you grew up? Well…did you? Are you? No worries if you didn’t/aren’t because the amazing factor about personal wishes is they often morph and change depending on life’s circumstances. What matters most is continuing to wish in the form of hopes and dreams by always reaching for the stars. Never give up on your dreams and when you fulfill one…dream another.

Okay, how many of you picked backbone first? Ahh…feeling a little assertive today? Great! Because when you exercise your wish bone you’re going to need a strong backbone to conquer goals; or else wishes lose themselves in the whimsicality of day dreams. In other words, a strong backbone is essentially you holding yourself accountable to yourself. Having enough resolve to dare to achieve a wish by doing whatever it takes to keep yourself on track, conquer your fears, take risks, reach out of your comfort zone and make your dreams come true. Friends, that takes backbone.

Hey, don’t think I forgot about the class clowns among us. By a show of hands, how many of you chose funny bone? Awesome! You may find this hard to believe but “Shy” was my middle name in school. Dickens, I was so shy I wasn’t even recognized at my reunion. True. When I showed up and told them who I was, what I was doing now, what I had been doing since school, my future plans, how I wanted to save the ozone, my views on world peace, why we should go green, my theories about… What? Oh, sorry… Well shoot, that was high school, this is now and thankfully shy isn’t my nature anymore. In fact, I’ll say just about anything, anytime to anyone in hopes of a laugh. Yeppers, laughter is my drug of choice. I laugh often; I make others laugh. It’s what I do. Although, I do know when to allow my class clown persona a short time out and be serious…thankfully, not often.

Besides, just imagine how unbearably serious life would be without laughter. Laughter erases tears like magic. Laughter melts frozen hearts. Laughter heals hurt feelings. Laughter is the beginning of great love affairs. Laughter is the single most contagious epidemic on the planet. Laughter, simply put, is an essential building block for life itself. Life without laughter is not living. My heart is smiling just thinking about laughing out loud. Dickens, I believe everyone is born with a funny bone. Some of us just bury it in a coffee can under the hydrangea. Sigh.

Obviously, there were no wrong answers. It doesn’t matter which bone you pick because you truly need all three of them to succeed in life. So tighten the grip on your backbone, hang on for dear life to your wish bone and dig up your funny bone because friends… you’re gonna need them!

Can you imagine…saving the ozone?



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