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2015 As It Falls Apart

January 1, 2015

Did you have a good Christmas? Santa bring you all the material possessions your little heart desired? Great, that’s good to hear! Glad you had a merry one. any plans for New Year’s? bad, got the publication date mixed up and forgot to allow two days for you to sober up. So...did you have a good New Years? Go out drinking and party with a bunch of people? Yeah, you gotta have a crowd so you know you’re having a good time. Do all that drinking by yourself and they call it depression. So, have you made any... wait...LOOK OUT!!! Whew that was close. Awesome reflexes, the way you swayed with that tuck and side roll. That thing almost hit the head...yeah that would have smashed you brains right out your...what? What is it? Oh the thing that almost hit you. It’s a piece of the world. It’s falling apart you know. A little more each day and the pieces are falling faster and getting bigger.

Alright, enough of that. Let’s reestablish the 4th wall enough so I’m talking at you and not directly to you. There, that’s better.

Ya know it’s utterly hilarious when some genius points out that we’re destroying the environment. It’s even funnier when people go on and on about saving the environment. But the most hilarious, gut-buster of them all is people who ignore it all and don’t give a happy rat’s arse about the environment. Hahahahahahahaha...why’s it so funny? Because- WE ARE THE ENVIRONMENT! Bunch of morons. The human race has a major problem; (well several actual) but they all come back to one-EGO.

Human beings like to think they’re special. Like there’s something about them that sets them apart and above other species on the planet. Their intelligence? Politics? “Civilized society”? Organized religion? Nice guesses but try arrogance and you’re getting closer to the truth. “WE” must protect the environment it’s up to “US” to save the planet? Seriously? The only way to “save the environment” is for humans to stop doing the things that are harming it. The only way the human race could “save the planet” is if we got the f*** off of it! And apparently that goal is in sight.

Now we’re not talking space exploration—trying to find another planet we can screw up. We’re talking extinction and the worst part is we’re doing it to ourselves. Any species (humans included) will achieve drastic and oft horrific measures when confronted with over population and let’s face it folks—there’s too many peoples. Wanna argue that the human race is above such primitive and animalistic methods to “thin out the herd”? That we’re to civilized to submit to genocide? Watch the news. Try to reason out the fact that shootings, terrorist acts and violent crimes are on a dramatic rise. It’s honestly only a matter of time before we either kill ourselves off or wear out the planet’s resources. Our great-great grandchildren (if they ever have a chance to exist) are going to hate us.

And HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! This following an open literary attack on humanity in general. But it is a new year and that means there’s still hope...right? There will always be hope, even hidden away in the heart of the last man standing. Perhaps it’s time to stop hoping and time to act. But where to begin? Recycling, more effective birth control, education? No, we already have those things. Perhaps the first step is that in the dawn of this new year we as a race resolve to make the world a better place. Resolve to humble ourselves, step down from our pedestal and see what we’ve done to our home.

I know you won’t but I can still hope can’t I?

Questions, comments and column ideas are welcome via through the Focus, or just E-mail me at or you can FRIEND me on Facebook under Saw’s Brood!

Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!




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