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January 29, 2015

The year was 1968 when American-Canadian film director and producer George A. Romero introduced the hypothetical concept of a zombie apocalypse to the world. His now-classic film, Night of the Living Dead, immediately gained and has maintained a huge cult following. Not just the movie itself but also the concept of the potential fictitious event it presented.

In recent years the “zombie” genre has steadily gained popularity. This has pushed a once highly criticized and exclusive fan base into the mainstream, igniting a pop-culture phenomenon. Now everyone who owns a couple seasons of The Walking Dead on DVD, a novelty “zombie” t-shirt or has a “Biohazard Zombie Response Team” bumper sticker thinks they’re an expert on all things undead. It’s almost sickening to those of us who’ve been players in this game since the beginning. But rest assured, in time the fad will pass and the wanna-be “zombie slayers” will move onto the next big shiny thing. Then again maybe the event will shift from a fictitious scenario to a harsh reality and we’ll see who’s laughing...well there probably won’t be laughter. So let’s see who’s cowering in their basement hoping to not be eaten alive. Yeah, that’ll show ’em.

Lingering for a bit on the current popularity of a television series based on a zombie pandemic. Everyone being so stoked and excited to watch people struggle to survive (while avoiding being eaten by their fellow man) presents an intriguing inquiry: During or in the aftermath of Z-day what will people want to watch? Reruns of Full House or Little House on the Prairie? Or would they still be more captivated to see the Ingles family hold their own as a zombie herd ravages the farm? (That was a classic and modern TV reference, if you got it then :-O whoot! whoot! for you).

It’s humorous that trending zombie fans always see themselves in the role of “the survivors” when viewing a film of television show. None too surprising and actually logical considering the alternative, is there really much to think about if you’re a walking corpse or just plain corpse? Not surprising, very logical...but realistically? Many would argue that you cannot put rules or parameters on a fictitious event that may never occur. If such is the case then discussion closed! Why even bring it up if the possibility of failure and death are not an option? Let’s pause here and put criticism, speculation and reality aside. Let’s stop and actually contemplate “the survivors.”

When considering an actual, full scale, undead outbreak we could argue for days on end about “who would and why they would”! The problem is the argument moot.

There is no precise equation or formula that could in fact determine your survival. When it comes down to it it’s not a matter of who you are, what you know or how long you’ve known it. It is more about the when and where. You may have great survival skills and know dozens of combat techniques. You may own an impressive arsenal or maybe a stock pile of emergency supplies stowed away at your home. However all these benefits can prove to be irrelevant depending on “where” you are and “when” the event actually happens. All the guns and ammo in the world or a stash of canned goods won’t do you a bit of good if you’re stuck in a pre-apocalypse traffic jam and can’t get to them. Likewise you may be able to survive and hold your own in a fight but what if you’re in a highly populated area and severely outnumbered? You can’t fight everybody forever! Whether your a seasoned veteran with years of experience and an AK-47 or a ten year old with a butter knife and asthma is irrelevant. When the end is nigh it’s all about location and time. Since the time machine has yet to be invented and psychic predictions are questionable it is impossible to know if you’d be a survivor or not until you already are. At that point we can begin to debate whether or not you’d continue to be so.

Next Week- More zombie madness...or something else.

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Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!




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