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Americana Forgotten!

A Train Of Thought Ride

April 25, 2013

It is almost certain that I speak not only for myself but for all my fellow Americans in saying that our hearts go out to those who were injured or lost their lives in the event that will henceforth be known as “The Boston Tragedy.” On this subject we will be brief. Not because it is insignificant or that it shouldn’t be discussed and remembered, rather because on this issue what is truly left to say? Every detail of this incident was followed as it unfolded by the media. Now any information that the government has allowed to be let known is readily available with a double mouse click. In that respect the question that may arise is, then why mention it at all? Consider it a reference point, a place to begin. There is a train of thought I would like for you to board. As with any train ride, whether it be real, mental or metaphorical, it is always best to begin with the engine. As a passenger on this train you are invited to sit back, note the scenery and let your engineer do all the thinking.

Why? Once the smoke has cleared and after every detail about the event itself made available that question still lingers. We roll along the tracks, pushing past the tales of heartache and triumph, of heroes and villains. Rounding the bend searching for the “Why?” station. Up ahead the “Terrorist” stop looms on the horizon. Most of you will want to disembark here. Not because it’s the “Why?” we’re searching for but it’s easier and allows you to sleep at night. Your engineer implores you to stay on board and chug along a bit longer.

The train slows to a crawl as we pass the “Terrorism/All Al Qaeda Access” station. We won’t be stopping here, the “Why?” we seek is still a few miles ahead. But it helps our journey along; to have an understanding of the scenery we see along the way. In addition it does answer the question of, the reason behind? Do you think we are targeted because of jealousy? That other countries envy our freedom, wealth (in comparison), democracy or perhaps our modernity? How arrogant are we to believe people would literally blow themselves up because we have it “so good”? Instead of looking for answers in our frivolous lifestyles try revenge. For those who can’t contemplate it, feel free to hop off and stroll back down the tracks. For those who remained seated take note that most terrorists acts are a non-to-direct response to an aggressive act by our government.

Hmmm. We seem to be getting off track here. But honestly it boggles the mind that someone would infiltrate a country, live amongst its citizens for years before committing an act of terrorism. How much hate does it take to fuel such a soul? How patriotic are they to their own country and cause to carry on for so long? Ahhh, with that thought in mind it looks like we’re not only back on track but have finally pulled into the “Why?”

Why are we not nearly as patriotic to our country and fellow Americans as those who threaten our “way of life” are to their own? Why does it take a devastating event to make us fly the flag or all chime in on the national anthem? Did we strike a chord there? Read this again in two weeks and you’ll see the point. By then we’ll have stopped nodding to one another on the street; that silent salute that-”We’re all in this together.” The need to speak to strangers, just to be speaking to a fellow American, will pass. Patriotism and “We the people...” will fade into the background until the next tragedy. Get angry if you want to but then look around and tell yourself it’s not true.

As we exit onto the platform the “Why?” is now replaced with a “What?” What does it take? How many bombs and body-bags do we need before we stop being patriotic because it’s the current trend and start actually living it? If you wake up in the morning in America then you are American by default: you are here, this is where you live, this is your country! So start acting like it matters every day.

I welcome almost all questions and comments via through Focus, or e-mail me at

Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!



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