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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

August 6, 2015

Before you begin your metaphorical plunge into this week’s pool of literary insanity, take a moment to reference and reflect on the accompanying picture. For Gawd’s sake don’t start trying to find what’s wrong with it. If you’ve already done this out of habit then it’s understandable and forgiven. But if you study on it too hard the point of this article will be lost on you. So just give the pic a good once over to familiarize yourself with the content. It will be referenced throughout this column.

If you ever went to a doctor’s or dentist’s office as a kid you probably remember Highlights Magazine. All children should visit their health care providers on a regularly scheduled basis. OK, let’s stop before we get off on a tangent about critiquing and criticizing parenting skills (we’ll get back to that at a later date). Now where were we… oh yes-—Most everyone is familiar with Highlights. It’s a magazine for kids that’s filled with educational games, puzzles and stories to stimulate young minds.

One of the more popular long running features of this magazine is the mental game of, “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” (This is usually located on the back cover). The concept of this game is a rather simple one. The reader is presented with a cartoon picture. The picture could be a scene from a city street, boat dock, household, playground etc. Incorporated into the picture were out of place and sometimes zany images, activities or characters that simply didn’t seem to belong. The game was to find these things and mark them as being what was “wrong” with the picture. It was at this point that I, as a child, began having a problem.

It was easy enough spotting the things that were clearly considered wrong. I however had issues with figuring out why they weren’t. Armed with an overactive imagination and an obsessive desire to find logic in everything “What’s wrong with this picture?” went from being a question to a profound statement. In other words I begin finding reasons why the wrongs things were right. For example, if you’ll now reference this week’s picture…

First of all this is not a zoo, it’s a rehab for injured animals with a very low budget. The “U.F.O.” in the tree is actually a crashed RC drone. The other debris is from the hurricane that blew through yesterday. The three giraffes—one with an injured neck, one receiving music therapy, the last has broken free, it was under quarantine, we should alert the staff. The sock on the rhino is to keep bugs away from his injured horn. The guy in armor is actually a vet trying to be safe while inside the animals’ compound. Hey, it must be close to Christmas cause there’s Santa making an appearance. Oh look, the lion gets a meat cake to celebrate his recovery. OMG Chester Cheetah is in rehab to overcome his “cheese” fetish. Probably has that tree air-freshener there to mask his cheesy farts—it’s not easy being cheesy. That guy is bringing his rescued bird in for therapy. The paper plate and utensils on the elephant prove that littering is getting out of control. We’ll stop there because you either get the point or think I’m deranged.

But what is the point? That things aren’t always what they seem? Nay, that’s too obvious. Maybe it’s a matter of respecting another person’s perspective? No, humans are still years away from actually fully respecting one another. Maybe, the point is that if we stop trying so hard to find what’s wrong with the world and try to find what’s right the world will be a better place? Yeah that sounds good. Let’s go with that and try to right the wrongs of our world one children’s magazine at a time!

Questions, comments and column ideas are welcome via through the Focus, or just E-mail me at or you can FRIEND me on Facebook under Saw’s Brood!

Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!




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