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Hell-o-ween 2015

Trap Door To Hell

October 15, 2015

Michael Dupree hated his room in the new house he and his parents had moved into, though it was much larger than his old room at the apartment, and there was more room to play, Michael refused to spend any more time than necessary in his room. Normally he was a quiet contented child who seemed quite happy, off to himself, creating his own little worlds with his action guys. Now he was dragging his toys out into the rest of the house and throughout the day, working his way under his mother’s feet in her home office. Maggie Dupree didn’t mind her son’s desire to be closer to her. He would be starting school next year and though she was busy with her real estate business, she would miss having him around throughout the day. Still his aversion to his room troubled her. Tom, her husband, tried to ease her mind with reassurances that it was a new place and that Michael would adjust.

Bedtime had never been a problem and getting Michael into bed at night still wasn’t an issue. Keeping him there soon became a different story. One night a very shaken and sobbing little boy appeared by the Dupree’s bed requesting admission. He told them that little monsters had come out of the floor. Tom protested, but Maggie could see the boy was genuinely terrified. With some persuasion, Tom agreed that he could sleep with them, “but just for one night.”

That “one night” quickly turned into two weeks. By then Michael refused to even go into the room during the daylight hours. By the third week, Tom had had enough and insisted Michael sleep in his own room. This was going to be their home and the boy might as well get used to it. That night, Maggie tucked a wide-eyed Michael into his own bed. With a kiss, she left him in the care of his teddy bear and Mighty Mouse night-lite. A few hours later the screaming began.

Maggie raced to her son’s aid with Tom hot on her heels. She tried to open the door but it slammed back shut as though someone were holding it from the other side. Tom pushed her aside and put his shoulder to the door and after a few hits the door flew open. Teddy bear guts were everywhere, Mighty Mouse along with the receptacle lay broken on the floor. Michael cowered in the corner, his pajamas in shreds, and scratches on his back, arms, and legs. Once in the reasonable safety of the living room Tom and Maggie questioned their son. Michael once again recanted his story of monsters coming out of the floor.

Tom was convinced that some kind of animal had gotten into the room. So the next day he invited his brother Ken and friend Paul, both avid hunters, over to house to help figure out what he might be dealing with. They checked the room from top to bottom, specifically the floor boards, finding no visible way of entry. Both men also agreed they’d never seen any animal claw marks like those on Michael. Always up for a good adventure and looking to ease his sister-in-law and nephew’s minds, Ken suggested that Maggie and Michael stay at his house that night. Proposing that he, Tom and Paul spend the night in the room. With no better ideas everyone agreed and that night the three men sat side by side armed with their hunting rifles on Michael’s small twin bed. The only light—that of an oil lamp—turned very low. As the night wore on and they ran out of jokes and hunting stories and one by one they fell asleep.

Ironically, Ken was the one awakened by a scratching sound in the semi-darkness. Sitting up he noticed a square outline of light on the bedroom floor. Fascinated he watched as one side of the square lifted up almost like a trap door. The opening faced away from where he sat so he had to get up and cross the room to see what was opening the door. Disregarding the light he expected to see a raccoon or groundhog. What he saw was neither. Hairless and hideous, his nephew’s description of “little monster” seemed fitting. The creature looked around, studying the room, until Paul awoke and spotting the light on the floor blurted out, “What the f... ?” At the first sound of Paul’s voice the thing turned, and spotting Ken, leapt from the opening knocking him to the floor. This woke Tom and all three men looked on in horror as the trapdoor slammed open and more of the beasties poured from the hole into the room. All hell proceeded to break loose.

Accounts of what happened next vary as all three men were under attack and quite freaked out. There was a lot of gunfire and at some point, someone flipped Michael’s dresser over sealing the hole in the floor, as the men made a hasty, desperate exit, diving out the window, Tom took a moment to shatter the oil lamp atop the dresser setting the room and the creatures within ablaze. Ken would later refer to this as his personal “glimpse into hell”.

Michael Dupree likes his room in the old apartment he and his parents moved back into. He enjoyed the attention talking to investigators about the fire and talking to paranormal investigators about everything else. It’s nice when adults listen for a change. He likes his new school. He especially likes the fact that the only people living downstairs are a nice old couple with a yippy little dog that offer cookies and cocoa whenever he stops by.

This article is affectionately dedicated to my editor, Carys Bowen. And you thought having a witch living under your bed was bad.

I welcome almost all questions and comments via FOCUS, or email me at or you can FRIEND me on Facebook under Saw’s Brood!

Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!




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