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December 24, 2015


Wow, what a rare and wondrous event it is that FOCUS’ publication date falls right before Merry Christmas time. Presenting a rare and wondrous opportunity to wish all loyal, regular and you who just picked this up cuz it’s the only thing in the bathroom to read readers “A Very Merry Christmas!” So Merry Christmas to all and to all a… oh wait, no- no- no- no damn. I just realized that in our modern society wishing a “Merry Christmas” upon anyone is not very P.C. Some may find the use of the term “Merry Christmas” offensive. Others may find that even seeing “Merry Christmas” in print is offensive. The very thought of being wished Merry at Christmas may upset them so bad it leads to IBS and/or anal seepage :-O (That is actually a medical side effect of some weight lose medications).

My sincerest apologies for wishing anyone a Merry Christmas who is offended by ‘Merry Christmas’ or just doesn’t want to be wished a Merry Christmas for personal reasons. The aforementioned Merry Christmas was not intended to offend nor was the wishing of said Merry Christmas. There will be no further wishing of a Merry Christmas or mention of having a Merry Christmas in this article now or on the occasion of any Merry Christmases yet to come. So do not, for any reason, feel obligated to have a Merry Christmas. Hmmm this has reached an asinine point of ridiculousness. But it’s safe to say at this point you get the point.

Personally, I myself prefer to refer and concur that the December holiday is Xmas time. And we’ve just offended a whole different group of people. Xmas! Is it because I’m an atheist and don’t believe in anything? No. Xmas! Am I purposely trying to “X” Christ out of Christmas? No. Xmas! Is it because I’m an X-MEN fan? No. Xmas! Is it because it’s easier to spell and quicker to write? Actually yes, that is part of it and true, but irrelevant. Xmas! Could it be because I’m embracing the holiday with a realistic and honest point of view? Now we’re getting warmer.

Despite the fact that I will bear witness to my grandson’s acting debut as Wiseman #2, regardless of singing along with and enjoying holiday music with Christian overtones. The religious aspects of the holiday hold no bearing on what I define, acknowledge or relate to as celebrating the holiday. It’s the lights, decorations and the look on a child’s face on Xmas morn. It’s the cheer, good feelings and humanity that we seem to see less of each year. The Christian aspect plays no role and thus is not acknowledged.

To be perfectly honest, for some of us the term “Xmas” is used not to be offensive but for quite the opposite reason. It would seem hypocritical and insulting to Christ and his followers to incorporate his name in an event he or they play no part in for us. Though it seems the Christian community would rather argue and fight about it instead of just overlooking our perspective as we do theirs. Respect and acceptance aren’t necessary, it’s all a matter of preference and opinion so there is no right or wrong in this particular debate.

However, one does have to question one’s faith when they go out of their way to try stacking the deck in their holiday titling favor. Hmmm now let’s see who to wage war on against Xmas? Why not go for the leader? Yes of course Santa Claus—who was monopolized and exploited as the face of the holidays courtesy of an ad campaign by Coca-Cola. Did you know (oh, ye of little faith) that Santa is an anagram for “gasp” Satan!!! Well, while we’re pointing out how rearranging words can make things evil, let us not forget that dog spelled backwards is god. That noted and using the Santa= Satan formula should we all be worshiping our neighbor’s German Shepard? Oh that’s different? How exactly is that different? Same argument, same equation and…oh you just don’t like the answer. Well, you know what I don’t like? Having this conversation with you.

My intentions were neither to attack nor to defend. Rather they were to convey a universal feeling of good cheer, which in our politically correct obsessed modern society is very difficult to do. The simple act of feeling and sharing happiness in our souls has become complicated and that is very sad. Still I want to end this on a positive note of well-wishing and so… Whether you believe in whatever you believe in, however you celebrate or if you don’t at all, I sincerely hope that on December 25th you have a really neat day!

I welcome almost all questions and comments via FOCUS, or email me at or you can FRIEND me on Facebook under Saw’s Brood!

Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!




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