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Revealed Carry

February 25, 2016

Despite our “modern” society’s rapid technological advancements, and our positive developments in social media, our world in general seems to be taking a violent evolutionary step in reverse. The increased number of pubic shootings is evidence enough. It seems that every day there’s another “incident” involving either a planned act of terrorism or a random disgruntled gunman. This could be looked upon as proof that humans are like any other animal species. When our numbers grow too great we find a natural (albeit sadistic) way to thin out the herd. But we’re above that right? Right… that’s a dark subject for another day…moving on.

In response to these violent acts, our government’s solution is stricter regulations on gun control. Because we all know that terrorists and psychopaths obtain their weapons through legal means. The public’s response is to arm themselves in prepared retaliation against potential violence. The government then accommodates by allowing broader and more open laws and regulations for legally carrying firearms. Can anyone else see a patterned plan for insanity here? How long before our streets are reminiscent of the old west? With everyone packing heat, itchy trigger fingers ready for the next potential threat?

But what about right now? Until the old west is renewed, how can one legally defend oneself in public? What if you’re opposed to carrying or can’t afford a firearm? Or realize that you can’t carry a concealed weapon everywhere, especially where you’d need it the most. There are a wide variety of alternatives when it comes to self-defense: knives, tasers, brass knuckles, batons, etc. However most of these are, in some respects, illegal and can be considered concealed weapons. So let’s take a quick look at some alternate alternatives that you can legally “reveal and carry.”

A cane or umbrella are obvious choices for a legal to carry bludgeoning object (legal to carry, not the bludgeon part). Both can be used to strike an aggressor but the umbrella, when opened, can serve as a temporary barrier, if you’re just not in the mood to hit people. Other items such as tennis racquets, hockey sticks, yo-yos and frying pans are also within your legal rights to bear. Baseball bats however will send up a red flag for authorities; unless you also have a glove and ball in your procession. Both make excellent weapons themselves, using the glove as a defensive shield and the ball as a projectile.

Speaking of projectiles, if your style is more hit and run like hell, a pocketful of glitter confetti is a great way to temporarily distract an assailant (and feel pretty, I suppose). Just throw it in their face. However, if you feel the need to harm your attacker, a box of nails can be used in the same manner. In the event you fear pursuit, wasp spray shoots a stream of poisonous liquid 20 feet and is highly accurate. It also attracts less attention and costs considerably less that mace or pepper spray.

If you’re worried about attracting attention with unconcealed weaponry, then just use pieces of your own wardrobe. Shoes can either be swung by the laces or thrown if necessary; you have two chances to make a hit. A belt makes an exceptional whip or the buckle can do some serious harm if necessary. Ladies, feel free to swing that purse and as a bonus you can easily add weight, like a brick, to increase the power of impact. The same can be said for briefcases and man-bags.

Lastly a hand puppet can become your greatest ally in surviving an assault. You can line your puppets head with whatever you like to insure blunt force trauma. Or hide a weapon in there. And don’t forget the crazy factor. Attackers may refrain from attacking the person walking down a dark alley while talking to their hand.

Whatever weapon you choose train and practice with what you carry in different environments and situations. Remember, it’s not what you use it’s how you use it and if you have trained to use it effectively.

Also consider whether or not you’re truly committed to using it? Are you willing to kill someone? Because the moment you put a weapon into play it becomes a life and death struggle.

I welcome almost all questions and comments via FOCUS, or email me at or you can FRIEND me on Facebook under Saw’s Brood!

Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!




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