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Scouting It Out

February 14, 2013

DISCLAIMER: The views, thoughts and opinions contained within this article are those of the writer and his alone. They in no way reflect upon the thoughts and or opinions of Focus Newspaper, the Focus staff or any other contributing writers. The thing to note and keep in mind is we live in a free country, where everyone has the freedom of speech and the right to express their own view on any given situation. Any complaints in reference to this article will be taken under serious consideration and then openly laughed at.

Before we begin let’s clear the air a bit, noting that my own views on homosexuality have often been speculated upon. Let me assure you that at no point has this writer ever nor will ever be of the non-heterosexual persuasion. As far as my stance on the whole “homosexual situation” — I don’t have one.

Seriously — I don’t care. If people want to have same sex relationships that’s their choice. Likewise if people want to be offended and pass negative judgment on people based on sexual preference that’s their prerogative too. It’s a free country (sort of) and you can love who you want and hate who you want, for whatever reason you want.* There is no right or wrong it just comes down to a matter of opinion. You have the right to yours and other people have the right to hate you for it. However, problems arise when opinions collide.

Case in point is the current conundrum faced by the Boy Scouts of America and their ban on gays. We’ve all heard the arguments, the legal battles, lawsuits, protests and heartfelt stories this situation has produced. But through it all there are many things that have been overlooked. Questions that need answers and facts that are being ignored.

At what age can a person legitimately be considered homosexual? How old must one be for a claim of “being gay” to be taken seriously? Do younger boys making said claim truly know what they are claiming? How can someone say, with any conviction, that they are truly homosexual if they’ve never had sex — homo or otherwise? How many of us are the firemen, policemen, superheroes, secret agents or spies that we pretended to be in our youth? When we’re growing up we live half within a fantasy in which we can do and be anything. We accept and believe in this world we have created with all of our hearts; it is our reality. That is until reality beats itself into us. In that respect, who’s to say that “homosexuality” in younger boys is nothing more than a phase? Impossible to say because some of us are firemen, policemen, superheroes, secret agents or spies.

Beyond the point of establishing that the “Scouts” in question are indeed in pursuit of an alternative lifestyle, what then? Why is their participation in a public organization such a problem? At what point does one’s sexual orientation come into play during Scouting? From cover to cover the subject of “sex” appears nowhere in any Scout manual. That said, at what juncture would a Scout’s sexuality have any effect or come into question? Homosexuality is not a contagious disease so there’s no fear of other Scouts catching the “gay.” Also if a Scout tried to push his beliefs or express himself to another Scout he could be disbanded. Not for being gay but because he would be disrespecting his fellow Scout and respect for others is mentioned in the manual.

The main problem, it seems, is that when a person joins a Scouting organization they immediately become a representative of that organization. It is feared that if one Scout is a known homosexual then people will relate the two to one another. Due to the overall ignorance of people in general this fear is not unbiased. That noted, a lot of boys join scouts to find a place to fit in and be a part of something when they’ve got nowhere else to turn. So now the question is do we risk heaping the burden of having their sexuality questioned too?

It appears the real problem is the world itself or rather the people in it. The desire to judge, label and condemn is astonishingly sadistic. So much negativity has ruined so many things and it seems that the American tradition that is Scouting may suffer for it.

In closing just a thought: if you were lying hurt in the woods and a Boy Scout came to your aid and using his Scout-acquired skills saved your life, would it matter if he were gay? If you answered yes, then thanks for contributing to the problem.

I welcome almost all questions and comments via through the Focus, or E-mail me at Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!

I welcome almost all questions and comments via through Focus, or e-mail me at

Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya.

*(As long as no laws are broken. ~ Editor)



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