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Can You Imagine Dragons?

July 25, 2013

Fundamental Disclaimer: Be assured fair reader that HCSAWWT has not been taken over by FOCUS’ lovely and beloved Bobbi G, as could easily be assumed by this week’s title. Also note that this column has nothing to do with nor references (other than right now) the band by the name appearing in the title, though it may be “Radioactive” to your mind. Finally this article is not a merger of the two, as the titling may lead one to believe. Rather it is to be taken literally in posing the question - can you imagine dragons?

It would seem quite easy, seeing as how dragons have “existed” in various forms of media throughout human history, most often thought of as borderline mythological creatures that roamed the earth and challenged man’s place in the world during medieval times. A constant and deadly threat to be dealt with. Were the Dark Ages so dark because they had literally been charred to ash by monstrous, fire-breathing lizards? Or because no one felt there was anything worth writing down? Most likely the latter.

The dragon in modern media is a far cry from its dark origins. Now much like everything else these beasts of folklore have been made more user friendly. Often befriending or serving mostly young boys or hot, post-pubescent girls who always seem to employ their pets to one-up or simply destroy older aggressors. Is this a plea for destruction of their elders? To fantasize their demise at the hands or claws of a pet incinerator because doing their chores sucks? Or do merchandisers know who will buy the t-shirts and toys based on television shows and movies? Once again most likely the latter of the two. Society has turned a legendary creature which was once feared and revered into something more comic and or manageable.

In reality (if such a term can be used in the course of this subject) when thought of in terms of modern media the most logical and believable of encounters between dragon and man presented would be in the 2002 film Reign of Fire. In this film dragons are the equivalent of really big locusts. Burning the world (in the sense of all plant and animal life), so they can feed on the ash. Then going into hibernation to till the world replenishes itself and then starting the process all over again. The film was meet with mixed reviews and a certain level of disappointment by moviegoers. The reason was overly obvious, these were not the creatures we adored from our modern folklore, who spoke in intellectual terms and shared a bond with mankind. No, these were medieval monsters, with an animalistic sense of survival and we were little more than ants to be trod upon.

Mankind’s undying ego constantly takes things which should strike fear into our hearts and makes them more manageable. Lessens the threat through familiarity and the deceiving logic that things can be concurred and or controlled. Most often things, that could or would kill us should the right opportunity or circumstances arise. Space flight, commercial airlines, communing with nature, texting while driving, public restrooms...dragons?

If there be dragons (to paraphrase maps of yore) then it is almost certain mankind’s ignorance and arrogance would lead to an easy victory for the scaled flamethrowers. A dragon apocalypse to be sure. There would be no battle, no hope, just us dying in the inferno, laid low by creatures that would surely be quite majestic to the eye until they cooked you. A far greater threat than, dare we say, a zombie apocalypse? Well duh! You can kind of fight the walking dead but rest assured hitting a dragon in the head with a hammer won’t have the same effect.

Dragons? Did they exist? Do they exist? Probably not but feel free to argue the point. The point is, in the event they do turn up and fiction becomes fact just remember: don’t talk to them and don’t get into their wait that’s something else.

I welcome all questions, comments, and column suggestions, via Focus, or e-mail me at my new email address–

Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya.



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