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The Wee-wee Hours Of The Morning

January 9, 2014

There are moments in this adventure/struggle we call life that possess an almost magical quality. Passages of time than can last for merely a second or run the course of a lifetime. Instances, situations, moments and memories that the world offers up as a reminder to exactly why life is worth the bother of living. Sadly, for the shorter, repetitive ones, they are oft missed, overlooked or ignored. Even if they are realized they rarely achieve the acknowledgement by those experiencing them that would enhance them to their full potential.

This is due in a large part to our own modernized lack of perception and observation. We have become too accustomed to the overly abundant sacrificial offerings from multifaceted, readily available multimedia outlets. To looking just past the “current thing” to get a sneak peek at the one that it precedes. It is a mental numbness that comes with a basic understanding that if something doesn’t get directly in front of us, jump-out and slap us across the face in HD with surround sound, it’s not worth taking notice of. And thus the magic of a moment that exists in our own reality is overlooked. Hidden behind an easily accessible hand held screen.

Case in point (and the point of the whole thing) begins with an awakening. An unwelcome and yet completely natural awakening. A physical need which calls out and breaks through the barrier of a bodies needed and required cycle of rest. Sometimes it pulls us from the depths of slumber, immediately jolting a person into the waking world with its persistent cries of warning or threat. On occasion it filters into the REM portion and one finds oneself not only naked in public but naked in public and looking for a rest room. Regardless of how it makes its presence known, once realized it cannot be ignored. You awake with the undeniable knowledge have to pee!

Hopefully there is nothing mysterious or magical about the release of one’s bladder (If there is, contact your physician immediately.) No it’s not the act of relieving oneself but rather the timing that counts for this particular scenario. It’s well past the middle of the night and dawn has yet to loom on the horizon. It’s that in-between time when you find yourself weeing in the wee hours of the morning... hmm the wee-wee hours of the morning. You’ve been roused from slumber, stagger to the bathroom and do your business. Finishing and finding yourself leaning a little more into the waking world and away from dreamland.

The window of opportunity here is small but it is open as you pause momentarily in the bathroom’s threshold. Do you shamble back to the comforts of the comforter? Or do you step into and explore the dark foreboding silence of the not-yet-morning? Many a moment to be had out there in the familiar unknown. To welcome the lightlessness while your throat savors the thirst quenching flavorlessness of tap water. To sit in the silence and feel the embrace of the nothingness that surrounds you. Less metaphorically speakin, it’s a great time to grab an early coffee or a smoke and just enjoy feeling like the world is all yours for a moment. It has to be your moment, because there’s no one else there. It’s a good time to think, to let your mind relax and just enjoy the company of oneself. To be honest the world would probably be a better place if we knew us a little better.

So here you are, in the wee-wee hours of the morning; will you savor the moment or settle for unconsciousness.

Next week: something a little less deep and a lot less metaphorically challenged!

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Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!




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