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The Devil Came Down, Part 2

February 13, 2014

First a quick, heavily abridged, recap for those of you who missed last week’s column (or are too lazy to track a copy down). A typical Friday afternoon finds me seated and smoking at a bar/restaurant of yesteryear. Two fellow patrons stand out. A preppy-dressed hippie in tan and white garb sitting at the bar who has an aura about him that makes him damned near glow and prefers tap water to what’s on tap.

Then there’s the sultry, green eyed, dirty blonde who’s almost overflowing from the silver mini-dress she’s been poured into. The latter has just seated herself across from yours truly and made a profoundly direct statement: “Hello Nicholas, I want you!” That’s where we stopped so here’s where we’ll start

“Want me to what?” was my reply. Her shocked expression and exasperated sigh told me is was not the reply she was used to or expected. She made a quick recovery, arching her back a little more and pressing forward with a casual laugh.

I’ll spare you the play by play line for line version and simply sum up the gist of it. She wanted to make me an offer I couldn’t refuse. That her employer could give someone with my talents the opportunity of a lifetime. That she herself would be one of the benefits if I so desired...personally, the potential for herpes has never seemed that desirable. Countering her offer I pointed out that there were a lot of bigger, badder and better looking guys right there in the bar. She acknowledged this but pointed out that I was more articulate and manipulative. A “silver tongued devil” she said with a seductive air. In addition, at the core I was meaner than most.

Was that supposed to be flattery? I wasn’t sure but my food was getting cold so I summed it up for her. Basically sell out my soul in service of the forces of evil. For the purpose of assisting in obtaining other souls for said forces of evil. In return, all the worldly pleasures my little heart desired. She nodded and licked her lips slowly.

The hippie at the bar spared me another worrisome look. I thought for a moment and then...

Went to work for Satan. What a glorious time it was! Sex, drugs and rock n roll! It was a blast corrupting the innocent, lurking outside churches, sacrificing goats. She was with me the whole way (STDs be damned) as I rose to power. Soon I would bite the hand that fed me and take over Hell Back up, that’s not what happened.

She nodded and licked her lips slowly. The hippie at the bar spared me another worrisome look. I thought for a moment and then...

I punched that b**** in the face. Blood went everywhere and as she screamed the bar went dark. All the patrons (aside from hippie guy) were demons and immediately they were upon me. Hippie and me stood back to back and fought our way to the door with a salad fork and a couple of broken beer bottles... Back up, that’s not what happened either.

She nodded and licked her lips slowly. The hippie at the bar spared me another worrisome look. I thought for a moment and then...

I told her no. And that was that. She huffed, stood and took her prissy arse away. Literally disappearing into the crowd. None to surprising, the hippie at the bar was gone too. My waitress returned a moment later with a fresh plate, replacing the cold one. “Let me guess, compliments of the guy at the bar?” She smiled, laid down my bill and walked away. It was paid in full and a name which matched the one on her nametag was at the bottom followed by a smiley face and a phone number.

If you’re searching for the point to all of this and find it pointless then you’re not looking.

There are actually two points here. One, when taken in a metaphorical sense the oft stated fact that the darker side of life is more appealing becomes quite obvious. Of course then, too, one must ponder whom is dark or light in this particular tale.

The second point...well you’ll have to figure that one out for yourself.

I welcome almost all questions and comments either through the Focus, or just E-mail me at Or you can FRIEND me on Facebook under Saw’s Brood!

Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!




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