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Mud and Memories

February 20, 2014

Remember when it snowed? Of course you do, it happened just a little over two weeks ago. You’re not a bunch of forgetful idiots...well, most of you aren’t anyway. You’d have to have suffered amnesia or be blind to not remember seeing what will surely be referred to as the “blizzard of twenty fourteen” years from now. Hmm, actually being blind wouldn’t inhibit your knowledge of snowfall. A blind person could feel, smell and probably taste snow so apologies are extended to any sightless folks who are reading this now.

Of course Northerners probably got a good laugh watching the South go into a full blown panic over what they probably considered a light dusting. Up North they get several feet and for them it’s business as usual. In the South, even the slightest threat of frozen precipitation and everybody scrambles. Hurry up and go as fast as you possibly can to reach safety from the white death that falls from the skies. Of course this rushed panic in the early hours of a wintry onslaught is what leads to multiple car pile ups.

To be fair it’s not the fault of the people, after all the South is the birthplace of NASCAR. Far be it for any red-blooded, all-American redneck to be “intimidated” by some white fluffy stuff. However, it must be pointed out that they do not ice down the track at any point during a racing event. So save your need for speed and desires to be fast and furious for sunnier weather. Hemi under the hood and 4-wheel drive be damned, because you can’t outrun a storm...unless you’re in a movie. Besides what’s the hurry? Oh that’s right—gotta get your staples.

From the initial forecast leading up to the first couple of flakes the race is on. People will risk life and limb to obtain two very specific items. Two things that tradition has taught them are necessities to weather any winter storm. We are of course referring to bread and milk. Because in the event you are snowed in and the power goes out there’s nothing more comforting than eating cold soggy bread in the dark.

Looking back up to the title of this thing it seems we have drifted a bit off big surprise. Let’s wrangle this thing back and get back in the right direction, shall we?

Remember when it snowed, back in years gone by? It was nothing like we have now. As the winter months set in the temperature dropped progressively. We didn’t toggle up and down the thermometer, shifting almost daily between borderline spring and frigid arctic blasts. No, once the cold started it was all down hill from there...temperature-wise. There weren’t any “light flurries” or it just blowing off the mountains. When it snowed, by gawd it friggin’ snowed.

Ever notice how back then it always seemed to come at night? The weather man would be pushing his little magnetic snowflake around on the six-o’clock news and the next morning POW! You would awaken to no less than 3 to 6 inches of powder and it stayed around for quite awhile. If you and your friends found a great place to sled or tube you’d always be able to return to it the next day. If you built a snowman he’d last at least a week. Sometimes his remains lingered till early spring. Perhaps that’s what’s lacking in more recent years, the longevity of it all.

Nowadays, even with a decent amount of snowfall, it seems you have maybe twenty-four hours to enjoy it before it’s gone. What’s left behind is not the gradual melting process of yesteryear but an almost instant mess. The ground turns white, you’ve just enough time for a few hours of fun and a warm cup of cocoa and’s gone. Leaving nothing behind but mud and memories.

For those of you who continue to live under the illusion that “Global Warming” is just a myth conjured up by the government, look around. Apparently it doesn’t rely on your beliefs to actually be happening.

I welcome almost all questions and comments either through the Focus, or just E-mail me at Or you can FRIEND me on Facebook under Saw’s Brood!

Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!




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