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Political Race...ism?

March 21, 2013

DISCLAIMER: The views, thoughts and opinions contained within this article are those of the writer and his alone. They in no way reflect upon the thoughts and or opinions of Focus, the Focus staff or any other contributing writers. Any complaints in reference to this article will be taken under serious consideration...not really. If you take anything written here seriously, then seek serious help...seriously. The entire purpose of this week’s article is to piss everybody off....everybody! Just kidding, the only people who should be offended are those who take it seriously (we’ve already covered the whole “serious” issue). It may also unsettle those of lesser intellect. So if you find yourself offended you’re not only offended, you’re dumb too. Actually, it’s a proven fact if you tell people they’re about to read something that will offend them and then insult their intelligence, they tend to pay more attention to what they’re reading, desperately looking for something that will offend them or question their intelligence. Either way they’re good and upset before they even get started. Politics is like religion—you either believe or you don’t. If you believe in the political agenda and government designed system in which we live then you choose a denomination and devote yourself to it. If you don’t believe then you’re sort of a political atheist. Your beliefs revolve around conspiracy theories and hopes that someday there’ll be a mass revolution and the truth will come out and America will once again be the land of the free and home of the “I want to be brave but it’s too scary.”

Racism is also like a religion, you either believe or you don’t. No, actually they say that everyone regardless of race or ethnic background is racist to some extent. The big question there is who are “they” and if everyone’s a racist then wouldn’t they be racists too? If that’s the case then couldn’t it be possible that the opinions of “they” could be racially biased? Regardless of what “they” say both politics and racism are two religions that should never be preached in the same church. In other words, a person’s place in politics shouldn’t be judged by the color of their skin or ethnic background...or should it? If you answered “yes” then congratulations you proved “they” right; oh and you’re a racist. Also it’s somewhat foolish to distract yourself from the man’s political agenda by focusing more on his race. If he’s doing the job right or completely wrong what does it matter what color he is while doing it? Tragically for some people that’s all that matters.

“This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow, a pirate so brave on the Seven Seas.” “What?!?” “A mystical quest to the isle of Tortuga, Raven locks sway on the ocean’s breeze.” (Lonely Island/ Michael Bolton interlude; to show how serious I’m taking this.)

In that respect we encounter a huge mystery: “Why have there been no assassination attempts?” Seriously, with all the derogatory and racially based comments against the man on the internet, nobody has the cojones to back any of it up with some drastic action? In addition, what about all those proud southern white supremacists? Guess their bluff got called the moment he was inaugurated.

Hold that tangent and back up, there’s a bigger issue here— “racially derogatory comments.” Would they also make hateful comments if he had braces or adult acne? Gee, all of that sounds like bullying, which has recently become a serious issue and led to the deaths of several children. Well hey, thanks for contributing to the problem. Oh, and for showing kids that being adults makes one no less of an a-hole. So they can rest assured if they’re getting picked on in school now, they can look for it to continue into their adult lives.

Let’s all grow up. Let’s set an example for the next generation. Let’s stop hating people for the wrong reasons and find right ones to hate them for...wait no, that’s not’s just that...sigh! Sad truth: nothing said here will change anything but we’ll keep trying to work together and never give up...that was the American way.

I welcome almost all questions and comments via through Focus, or e-mail me at

Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!



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