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Fear...Of The Bat!

June 26, 2014

FOREWARNING: The subject matter of this week’s column will be a contrast in compassion to those that have graced these hallowed pages in the past few months. Drifting slightly askew of the familiar, lighthearted, literal comedy to dark humor bordering on the psychotic. Some of you may become upset or be offended but you have been warned. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!!!

Writer’s note: It is almost comical that inserting a warning such as the one above is a sure-fire way to ensure that you will read the column in its entirety. Even more so because the reason you will read it is to look for a reason why you shouldn’t have.

“There’s been another shooting!” This phrase is becoming way too common. It seems as though a week doesn’t pass without a “shooting” somewhere of some sort. It also seems that the general public’s numbness to these events continues to grow along with the body count. Oh people are still shocked, in some cases outraged, but more in passing if the event doesn’t effect them directly. Has our society reached a point to where murder is the becoming the norm and concern for murder is passé? Seriously though, what are you gonna do? Aside from mourning after the fact what can be done to prevent these horrors? Perhaps the answer lies not within the aftermath of the event but with those who carry them out.

In any police investigation the motive behind any criminal activity is scrutinized. This is done to better understand the criminal mind to try and help prevent further crimes. However, in certain incidents, there might be one important question that is being over looked: Why The Joker?

In two unrelated incidents (and who knows how many countless others we don’t know about) the criminals have at some point claimed the persona of DC Comics’ darkest villain. But why the Joker? Given, he is the most colorful and well known of Batman’s rogue’s gallery but why not the Penguin? The Scarecrow? The Riddler? Or maybe a Catwoman or two? Hasn’t The Joker been overdone just a bit? If a criminal wants to go down in history shouldn’t they at least try for a little originality?

Maybe it’s not the character they portray we should be scrutinizing, but how they get it wrong. The Joker would never (according to the comic books) stand around and wait for the cops. Nor would he choose self termination over arrest. Why, why allow yourself to be locked up or take your own life? What are you afraid will happen if you play your sick little game out? Or is it who?

Is it possible they fear that since they have pathetically brought this fictitious character to life that it may bring about another? Perhaps they think if there were a “real Joker” a real Batman might rise up and get them. Yes, it sounds insane but look at the logic of it and therein lies a potential solution. What if there were a real Batman? Or better yet real Batmen’? And let us not be chauvinistic and remember to consider the possibility of a Bat-woman or Bat-women? Dark knights piercing the dark night and striking fear into the criminal element before it even exists. Maybe go as far as to form some kind of league of justice...but what to call it....hmmm?

We’ll stop there because it is almost certain that by this point some of you get it, others of you don’t and a few think they have found that reason to be upset they were looking for; you were warned. We have in effect taunted all the would be “Jokers” and the rest is metaphorical. But all joking aside perhaps in our modern society a little “fear of the Bat” wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

I welcome almost all questions and comments either through the Focus, or just E-mail me at Or you can FRIEND me on Facebook under Saw’s Brood!

Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!




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