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Technologically Advanced

Or Obsessed?

September 25, 2014

Due to modern technological advances in communication (and our society’s desire to celebrate the mediocre), we can ascertain that just about everybody is aware of last week’s release of Apple’s iPhone 6. At this point in time we can also assume that most, if not everyone, has seen or at least heard about the clip of the Australian boy who got the first phone, then promptly dropped it on live television. This short clip labeled as “The oops heard round the world,” immediately went viral of course and laughter ensued.

Now the question remains which is sadder. The fact that an entire week’s worth of media coverage was focused a new phone’s release date and someone dropping one? Or the level of desperation and excitement people have about getting the latest phone?

Why the hoopla? Is it about the prestige? Is it so you can say you’re up with modern tech? It must be, because it sure as hell isn’t going to have you doing anything new or advanced. Seriously, aside from a rare few, how many people will truly use this latest greatest advancement in communication to its full potential? How many will make use of all the new apps on a regular basis; other than just showing them off during the first week? Most will do with this new phone the same as they’ve done with the one before and the one before that one. Send text messages, check Facebook, watch a funny video, make the rare occasional call and play the latest version of Candy Crush. How is this phone any better than the last if you’re doing the same s***? Too much time and energy is being wasted in an area of technological advancement that isn’t advancing anywhere.

Perhaps it is long overdue that we get over the “phone thing.” Look up from those tiny screens and see if there’s anything else in the world around us that could use a little innovation. Like maybe...

Wall mounted, voice activated, select-a-size paper towel dispensers for the home. Oh no -- there’s a spill :-O and your hands are wet. Now with just your voice you can have the size towel you need without getting the rest of the roll all wrinkly, wet and gross.

While on the subject, why not have paper bath towels? In our disposable society it would seem to be the next innovative thing and hey it could be in a voice activated dispenser too!

How big is your ass? Select a size (we’re talking length and width here) for toilet paper?

Oh, and it can be in a voice activated dispenser too. What fun for the bathroom!

Lego full-size house kits. How many recyclable plastic bottles would it take to make a brick sized Lego? (Somebody should seriously look into that). Or how ‘bout making those Little Tykes structures adult-sized?

Shower coffee makers. How much hot water is wasted out of the tap during those morning showers? Why not put it to use and enjoy a fresh cup of Joe while you dry off with your paper bath towel?

Handicap spaces that actual detect the presence of a handicapped person within the vehicle. If you just “borrowed” grandma’s tag the space will know and it will get you!

In all seriousness perhaps it is time we looked above and beyond the ludicrous obsession with cell phones. We’re not going to, because it’s an easy, mindless, handheld way to stay in pretend that we’re connected to the world. But it would be nice to actually have a conversation with someone without them “checking their phone.”

I welcome almost all questions and comments either through FOCUS, or E-mail me directly at or FRIEND me on Facebook under Saw’s Brood.

Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!




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