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Hell-o-ween 4

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

October 30, 2014

Well here we are, October’s end and All Hallows Eve is upon us. Soon the fabric of our reality will be torn asunder, opening our world to all the haunts and fears it holds. We’ll wrap up this year’s Hell-o-ween not with a new scare but rather a defensive response to a very old question: Do you believe in ghosts?

When you really sit down and think about it, that question’s not so easy to answer. Have you had a paranormal experience? This would be any unexplainable occurrence happening outside the realm of what is considered ‘normal.’ If so and you honestly believe it happened, then you believe in ghosts.

How about spirits or messages and signs sent from beyond the grave of a loved one? If you believe in that then you believe in ghosts. Why? Because anything falling into the category of non-physical contact with the dead through sight, smell, sound, taste, feeling or even within your own mind is proof of the undeniable existence of ghosts.

What about vampires? How about werewolves? Witches? Trolls? Goblins? Ghouls? Monsters under the bed? Monsters in the closet? The Boogeyman? Zombies? Bigfoot? Unicorns? Aliens? UFOs? Do any of these things really exist? A lot of you are shaking your heads and that is just fine.

It’s perfectly normal and acceptable as an adult in modern society to relinquish any and all things that are better left to folklore and stories around the campfire. It’s OK to not believe in mysticism and magical worlds filled with fairies and sprites, to deny the existence of things you have not seen with your own two eyes. It’s also perfectly normal and acceptable as an adult in modern society to respect the feelings of those who do. Because guess what, They have as much right to believe in the unbelievable as you do to not believe. Besides, what right do you have to laugh and poke fun at someone just because they’ve seen or experienced something you have not? Even if they just think they’ve seen or experienced something, when does it become your place, your authority, to argue that they have not? Were you there? Were you present when their occurrence occurred? Are you an authority on things real and unreal? Do you know everything? Are you god? Now here is where things get interesting, ironic and ugly as dry snot.

Not singling out any particular denomination but rather lumping them all into the same category of “organized religion.” It’s interesting that they all follow the same basic principles, all know there is only one true way and yet they can’t come together and figure out which “one true way” is the one. In most cases it is those of Christian faith which are the first to call someone’s bluff on the paranormal. Anything outside of the set boundaries of an individual’s religious belief cannot be!

This is the epitome of all ironies. Here we have people who fold their hands and talk into the wind, to a supreme being who can hear their thoughts? Who gather weekly in a gloriously and decoratively designed building, to honor a being who finds no significance in things made by mankind? Who dress up in their best clothes to look presentable to a creator that designed them to be naked? Who worship a being they have never seen? And these people want to challenge the word of a guy who says he saw a free floating phantasm or was anal-probed?

The intent here is not to get everyone all stirred up (a little late now, I suppose). The point is that everyone has a right to believe what they wish, whether it be Mother Mary or Sasquatch, without persecution. Truth of the matter is, in all cases concerned, nothing can be proven to definitely be or not be. Faith and belief in anything is a far cry from fact. Even what we see as reality is questionable. So it’s only fair that we try to see each person’s view without judgment.

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Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!




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