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Tiger Should Have Been DQed

April 18, 2013

I sure am glad that Tiger Woods did not win the Masters last weekend. I feel this way for a number of reasons. First of all, he should have been disqualified after he broke a rule. Secondly, if he had come back and won, the victory would have been tarnished and that is the last thing he needs as he chases down Jack Nicklaus’ record of career majors wins.

Why do I think he should have been kicked out of the tourney you ask? I am basing it on the fact that virtually every USGA rule centers around the golfer not improving his position or gaining an advantage that is greater than your original situation.

Not only did Woods do just that during the incident in question, he said it. In fact, he bragged about it. Tiger admitted that he took a drop two yards farther back then he should have. He spoke of doing do because he preferred that patch of ground to hit his next shot from.

You know the rest -- Woods incriminated himself in his post-round TV interview with Tom Rinaldi when he talked about dropping two yards behind his original divot (this violated USGA Rule 26). Because of this, he played a misplaced ball and should have received a two-stroke penalty making his 1-under-par a 71 a 1-over 73. He signed for a 71 which means he signed an incorrect scorecard which means disqualification. Apparently not in Tiger’s World.

This is a basic ball drop we’re talking about, and he messed it up. On purpose if you listen to his quotes.

Though I’ll always believe Tiger shouldn’t have played on Saturday and Sunday, I’m sure glad he did. If he hadn’t, the story of Woods getting booted from the Masters would have overshadowed the spectacular golf that we were treated to over the last few holes of play from Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera. That chapter would have still played out, but the story would have been Tiger. The story would have been how he was robbed of his chance at major No. 15.

Now, the story is that Tiger was given a reprieve when he deserved none. And in the end, Scott and Cabrera stole his show.

Tebow Update

April is the primary month for player movement within NFL teams. Free agent signings can now occur and the college draft is upcoming.

One player who has not been moved is Tim Tebow. It is not a secret that the New York Jets have been attempting to trade Tebow. They have been since the final day of the 2012 season. Apparently there have not been any takers.

Judging from statements that Jets’ officials have been tossing out to the public, how can they expect any other team to make an offer for Tebow? Statements centering around how former offensive coordinator Tony Sparano apparently had no confidence in him based off his practice performance. Though we heard the same sort of talk out of Denver when Tebow was a Bronco, badmouthing someone you are trying to trade does not seem to be the way to go.

Tebow Tebow Tebow

Here is what likely will happen. Everyone is counting on the Jets cutting Tebow over the summer when a trade does not take place. This will make Tebow a free agent and he will likely generate a little interest from somewhere.

Word out of the Tebow camp is that he is still not ready on changing positions. That, no doubt, limits his options as the Jets were awful at quarterback last year and Tebow still did not see the field. Tebow is banking on his reputation as a “gamer” and a “winner.” Apparently, whoever takes a chance with Tebow needs to ignore what they see in practice.

Duck Knowledge

File this information in your ‘who would have thought’ file.

This is for those who watch the reality show “Duck Dynasty” on A&E. And if you have not watched it, you need to make a change. Anyway, the stars of the show are the Robertson family. Watching the show, you never would know that a member of the family has a connection to Hall of Fame quarterback, Terry Bradshaw.

But, Phil Robertson was once a football player, and not just any football player. He was a good enough quarterback at Louisiana Tech to start ahead of Bradshaw and good enough for an opposing coach—none other then Bear Bryant—to say that he was one of the best quarterback prospects the legendary Alabama coach had ever seen.

Robertson then (l) and now (r)

Bradshaw, of course, went on to become the first overall pick in the 1970 draft and one of the foundations of the Pittsburgh Steelers under Chuck Noll in the 1970s. Now that Robertson is a star in a different profession, numerous former teammates have come out and said that the Duck Dynasty star’s love of hunting and the outdoors led him to give up the sport before his senior season, handing the reins to Bradshaw.

It is quite clear that everything worked out well for both men. One is a Hall of Famer and was part of the Steelers dynasty and the other, of course, as the star of “Duck Dynasty.”



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