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Who Said Girls Can’t Race?

February 28, 2013

The above mentioned question was asked over and over again last Sunday at the Daytona 500. It was asked before the race and even more, minutes after Patrick’s historic eighth-place run. Just in case you missed it, the performance was the best finish ever for a woman in NASCAR’s biggest race.

The relatively old saying of ‘you go girl’ is back. To her credit, she down played the accomplishment while wondering what could have been.

Patrick, who also became the first woman in history to lead the Daytona 500, was caught mulling out loud some of her thoughts. She felt like she could have finished higher. And no wonder since she was in third place with one lap remaining. That can be a nice place to be in a restrictor plate race. Patrick openly thought that a lack of experience in plate-racing cost her during the last lap free-for-all.

Danica Patrick is getting due respect

Fans love her openness and frank comments. Critics point out that she had the car to win the race.

Fans love her mindset which has propelled Patrick’s to a slew of historic accomplishments. From becoming the first woman to lead the Indianapolis 500, as a rookie in 2005, to becoming the first female Daytona 500 pole-sitter in the race’s storied 55-year history. Critics feel too much has been handed to her.

Earnhardt and third-place finisher Mark Martin, who both passed her on the final lap, say they were impressed with her effort. They say she proved herself as capable as any of the other drivers.

That’s enough for me.

Did you know that Patrick is one of only 13 drivers in racing history to lead both the Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500. True statement.

And oh yeah, last week I discussed how the off the track relationship between Patrick and Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., would work out on the track. Turns out they saw a little of each other as her boyfriend finished 12th and there were not any spoken of issues.

I did not see this anywhere but the couple’s 8th and 12th place finish has to be the best combined finishes of girlfriend-boyfriend in any NASCAR race.

Tebow and Politics

Tim Tebow is back in the news. And guess what? It has nothing to do with football.

Before I update you in case you missed the latest, let me review the most recent past.

As you remember, the New York Jets have pretty much said that they do not want him back. The Jets have attempted to trade Tebow but have not found any takers. During this process, a number of teams have announced that they do not have interest in the embattled quarterback. In other words, there is a chance that Tebow’s football career is over.

So where does that leave Tebow. He has always hinted of having an interest in politics. There just might be something to this as Tebow made a political move last week.

Tebow, Tebow, Tebow!

In a surprising turn of events, Tebow has now cancelled his appearance at First Baptist Dallas. Apparently, his handlers advised him to not speak at this particular church due to its reputation as a far right wing place of worship.

Tebow was scheduled to speak on April 28, at the 9:15 Sunday morning service. Nothing new there. Tebow has spoken at many churches and Christian filled stadiums in the past years and First Baptist Dallas was surely thought of as just another preaching moment for the football player.

Why would Tebow made a sudden change of plans you ask? Could it be that the church is headed by Pastor Robert Jeffress, a very influential conservative Christian voice? Tebow has made it clear that he leans right. It looks like he does not want people, potential voters, to think that he goes way right. Perhaps he does not want his fans to feel he believes such as Jeffress does. For instance, Jeffress is clearly against gay marriage and has some very colorful quotes regarding homosexuality. He also has stated that the Catholic Church is satanic.

So, is Tebow selling out? Or is he making a smart political move?

I look at it like this. Tebow has joined the ranks of many Christians who are choosing not to be associated with a particular strain of religious faith that is publicly connected with an anti-gay stance and outwardly hostile to other faith traditions.

It was probably a smart move on his part.

NCAA Is Running Amok

The NCAA is fast losing any credibility it previously had. The last few years have given the public numerous shaky decisions. And public pressure is building up on NCAA president, Mark Emmert.

Emmert was hired in 2010 and his hiring has coincided with several screwed up investigations throughout the world of college athletics. It is not a secret that Emmert and the NCAA is ignoring the requirements of due process and its own rule book. The latest is that the NCAA has admitted that during an investigation into alleged violations by the University of Miami, it paid an outside investigator to sidestep the NCAA’s bylaws in an effort to obtain evidence.

Emmert, NCAA honcho

It used to be that there were complaints about how over-ethical the NCAA was. These days, ethics, decency, and accountability are traits no longer displayed by the NCAA. Emmert clearly has lost credibility needed when he hands out punishments regarding schools not displaying ‘institutional control’. Currently, it is clear that he has lost control of his enforcement staff.

It is time for the NCAA’s executive committee to take a stand and replace Emmert who has refused to hold himself accountable for his institution’s failures. Student-athletes and the public deserve better.


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