Mendon, MA (AP) — The Southwick Zoo’s newest addition is a pretty big baby.

Dolly the giraffe was born two weeks ago, and at 6 feet tall and 150 pounds, she’s the largest of her species ever to be born in the history of the Mendon zoo.

The zoo says Dolly is being fed with a bottle because her mother was unable to produce her own milk. She made her public debut during Earth Awareness Day festivities on Saturday.

Dr. Peter Brewer, the zoo’s veterinarian, said Dolly won’t be reintroduced to her mother for another month.

 Photo: This recent photo provided by the Southwick’s Zoo shows newborn giraffe “Dolly” with Luke Weatherhead, curator at the zoo, in Mendon, Mass. The zoo’s newest addition is a pretty big baby, she was born about two weeks ago, is nearly 6 feet tall and weighs close to 150 pounds. (Betsey Brewer/Southwick Zoo photo via AP)