Hickory – Did you know that 60 percent of all sanitary sewer overflows are related to customers flushing items that should not be flushed?

In order to protect the City’s sewer system, citizens are reminded that toilet paper should be the only product flushed down toilets. Any paper product other than toilet paper does not break down or degrade as it travels through the sewer system. This includes paper towels, tissues, napkins, and “flushable” wipes.

These materials continue to stay in their current forms, collecting grease, hair, and other debris until creating a mass and clogging the sewer system. This could be on the City’s main line or in the customer’s home plumbing.

The City of Hickory thanks residents in advance for being mindful of these issues and working together to prevent undue burdens on the sewer system and Public Utilities staff during these already difficult times.

If you have any question about what can be put into the sewer system, please call Public Utilities at (828) 323-7427.