chainsaw_headerFor reasons unknown, a compulsion to make and take a brief pause before we begin. In order to offer a respectful respite, to a fallen former friend, John Clifford Hicks circa July 21, 1973 – July 20, 2016. Though it has been nigh on 25 years since our last encounter, your cynical wit and intelligent demeanor will be remembered. That, and for introducing this writer to the underground comic world of Sam and Max: Freelance Police, which has found to be quite inspirational. Enjoy all the afterlife has to offer.

And now…a potential contradiction.

Recently a rash of regular readers have readily recited a resolution rambled by this writer referencing the HCSWT article- A HUNDRED THOUSAND TO ONE & ELEVEN THINGS I WILL NEVER WRITE. They cite a major contradiction in that despite “Politics” being number one of the eleven things I will never write, that very subject has appeared here on numerous occasions. Furthermore, they point out several instances in which this column and its writer have subtly endorsed the 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

First of all, it was stated that we would never directly address the subject of politics in full column form. This meaning that never would the droll and strenuously boring discussion/ arguments of the political platform encompass the main bulk of this column. The reason for this is quite simple. I do not believe in politics and know it’s just a game of playing pretend organized by our corrupt government officials. This done in order to distract average Americans from the true issues that face our world and to provide the illusion of having some say in the selection of their official representatives. If you think your vote matters and that the next president hasn’t already been selected prior to November—think again.

Now at this point we could ramble on endlessly about one of the most talked about yet highly dismissed conspiracy theories of all time. But we won’t. All it entails is an unresolvable argument that produces an infinite loop. Besides, we have a much bigger issue to cover and that is how to go about getting Donald Trump into the White House.

Wow! The WTF ratio just shot off the charts. HEY! Do not set this paper on fire! We never said anything about supporting Trump. To be completely honest I haven’t really paid enough attention to the dog and pony show they refer to as the presidential race to make an educated decision. I don’t know the full extent of Mr. Trump’s agenda, nor do I necessarily support his beliefs and opinions on racism, women, and abortion or hair care products. In addition I don’t vote because I don’t want to feel residual guilt later and have no interest in the political process. So why in hell would I say I wanted to see Trump in the White House? Because, I am interested in The Great Wall of Mexico, you know, the one that will be built on the border if Trump is elected.

Am I racist? No, I’m fuzzy, so skin color is irrelevant. Do I fear being overrun by illegal aliens who slide under the tax brackets and take jobs from hard working Americans? No, besides look around, that’s already a done deal. I’m not interested so much in the politics and reasons behind it as much as I am the wall itself.

China already has a wall and everyone thinks it’s pretty great. It’s one of the seven wonders of the world and can be seen from space. Berlin also had an infamously famous wall…but it was a bad wall. It was also overly graffitied, dirty and had barbed wire. So they tore it down and had a big party and rock concert to celebrate.

It would be so neat to see such a universally acknowledged architectural wonder be constructed within my lifetime. Also considering the increasingly lessening rate of the human attention span, there’s a good chance I would survive to see the after-party when it gets torn back down. How fun.

Actually, it’s not so much the physical wall itself that this writer finds entertaining. Rather it’s the hypothetical situation its potential construction represents. Because if it isn’t built then someone will have to answer for one of the most elaborately brazen campaign promises ever made. When and if Mr. Trump finds himself in office, perhaps we should all send packages of Lego bricks and building blocks to support his cause or at least serve as a reminder.

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Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!