ChainsawHow long has this been going on? Has it been days… weeks… months… the better or worse part of a year? It’s easy to lose track when it’s a drawn-out blur in your existence. Like a bug spattered on the windshield of time that no amount of continuing washer fluid can eradicate. The kind that just kind of smears around, right in your field of vision. Until you finally break down and use that squeegee thingie at the gas station… or it rains hard enough.

During this time every spare moment had been consumed! Free time had a price you couldn’t afford on your budget. Forgotten were any illusion delusions of enjoying the weekends… because the week knows no end!

An endless cycle of packing up, loading up, hauling over, hauling off, hauling ass, unloading, unpacking; back and forth, forth and back. Fix this, paint that, remove, replace, remodel… we can’t fix this… better call a guy or girl (equality) whatever, we’re running out of time and nobody knows what we’re talking about! Wait, what are we talking about?

Why moving, of course… and regular readers’ eyes are rolling at another moving article. Not so much a story that moves you emotionally or physically, but rather from one residence to another. Fear not, for in the immortal words of the Almighty — “It is finished!” The Saw collective’s transition from point A to point B is complete — we close tomorrow.

Thus the House o’ Saw now stands vacant and empty, awaiting to become the House o’… whatever. It’s strange, I truly thought it would be a reminiscently regretful departure from everything I’ve ever known. But nah… I got nothing along the lines of abandoning the homestead hang-ups.

Seriously don’t miss it a bit and can sum this heartless transition up in two words: central air. Yes after 24+ years of struggling to survive sweaty sweltering summer scorchers with the incompetent aid of three window units, it’s nice to just set the thermostat and chill. No more sweat soaked sleepless nights. No more fans to navigate air flow. No more annoying hummmm drowning out conversations or the television. Ahhh… it’s nice!

Know what else is nice — two more words — two bathrooms. Oh such luxury I’ve never known. To return from an outing and not have to wait in line to take care of business… every day in every way and working overtime till the paper work is done! Now there is no waiting and the temperature comfortable when taking care of business… every da… STOP we already did that bit!

Yes, everything is groovy where this writer is concerned, but what about the rest of the brood? Assuredly some of you are pondering and quite a few have inquired as to how the whole Saw gang is handling their own adjustmentation (new word) to our new environment.

We’ll start with the resident most inquired upon and I can assure you the goat is doing just fine. Yes, Wendigoat is quite content in her new home… after 3 solid days of wailing and baaing to adjust. Her corral’s not set just yet, but she’s allowed free roam… until she starts attacking the dogs.

Who (goat ambushes aside) are doing great! The two outsiders have a cool carport to hang out on and aside from the younger female, Boggin, trying to follow us to the main road and the elder male, Bazooka, getting lost and falling in a pond, they’re happy. Quinn, the little insider, can’t really tell much of a difference; but he gets to sleep in a people bed now so he doesn’t care.

As for the human element: The grandson (formerly known as Tot AKA Saw 3) was initially tearful and fearful he doesn’t like change. However, after realizing he now has 5 acres of woods, farmland and field to roam, play and explore, he’s roaming, playing and exploring. Memories made daily 😀

Now if you’re wondering about Li’l Red (That’s the spouse) worry not. This is actually the house she grew up in and desired to grow old in. She’s the one that set this move into place in the first place so…she’d better be happy. And I’m more than happy to leave my home of 47 years to keep trying to make her dreams come true… cuz we got central air here! Next week: moving… onto a new topic!

I welcome almost all questions and comments via FOCUS, or E-mail me at [email protected]. Hope to hear from ya until then try and stay focused. See ya.