Hickory – Be cautious of companies calling to solicit funds on the behalf of the Hickory Fire Department. The Hickory Fire Department is not and does not solicit funds for fire safety programs.Firefighters To Practice Skills

Over the past few weeks, the department has received questions regarding a telephone campaign fundraiser in the name of the Hickory fire department. The only fundraiser the Hickory Fire Department participates in each year is the Christmas Bikes for Tykes program through the Catawba County Christmas Bureau and Salvation Army.

“All salaries and operational costs are paid for by a budget that is approved and adopted by the Hickory City Council,” said Hickory Fire Chief Matt Hutchinson. “If there is a need for more resources, we go through the policy set up with the City of Hickory.”

Citizens can call the Hickory Fire Department at 828-323-7420 to check the validity of any solicitation related to the fire department. “Any time one considers giving any solicited donations, you should be sure where the funds are going,” said Hickory Chief Hutchinson. “Don’t take the word of a telemarketer; research the agency before you give.”