The night before All Hallows Eve beseeches a most
fretful sleep
As undead creatures sluggishly awaken to slither, crawl
and creep
An owl shrieks beyond the age-old pines in grave anticipation
Of a terrifying evening yet to come hence the foreboding sinking sun

Towns folk scurry to and fro securing rickety window and door locks
Draping garlic and wolf’s bane, troubled by a worrisome eye on the clock
Tick tock, tick tock, with each echo the bewitching hour draws near
Some welcome the imminent nightmare; others cower, shuddering in fear

Blood orange, midnight black, the macabre color
scheme chosen
As streamers strung in cobweb like fashion are deviously woven
Brave souls carve jack-o-lanterns resembling hideous nocturnal beasts
Perched alongside scowling scarecrows, candlelit pumpkins flash grisly teeth

kids-trick-or-treatingMeanwhile, precariously perched aside a fiercely blazing fire
A wretched witch creates her withered heart’s most malevolent desire
An elixir so potent it promises to deliver terror in
varying degrees
For anyone bold enough to devour their peculiar, yet, insatiable needs

Colossal cauldrons boil and bubble, spilling over robust cast iron rims
Lizard toes, buzzard beaks and snail slime slowly simmering within
Concocting an assortment of oozing, severed and detectably dripping treats
Eleventh hour preparations hastily made to present the spellbindingly gory feast

Fledging ghouls and goblins run rampant endeavoring to practice
Their fiendishly shocking and terrifyingly frightening greatest scare tactics
Growling and screeching the adolescent monstrosities howl
Drooling and foaming at the mouth they’ll snicker, they’ll snivel, they’ll snarl

Bats clinging tightly to the underbelly of the belfry…
they hang
Visions of unspeakable horrors dripping from their fangs
Bones rattle in coffins entombed and thus forgotten centuries ago
The Grim Reaper awaits, an ominous specter in menacing repose

As creatures of dreadful proportions appear on Halloween night
Raspingly bemoaning throughout the darkness of their immortal plight
Vampires, warlocks, werewolves and zombies, a collection to beware
As chants of “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” reverberate in the chilly evening air

Friends, you know I care about you so whether you dress up, dress down, disguise yourself or simply be your awesome “can’t touch this” self, have a spooktacularly fantastic Halloween. You know, some of my close friends have suggested Halloween is my favorite holiday. Not true, I enjoy the lovingkindness of Christmas, the gratitude of Thanksgiving and the unbridled bliss of Grandparents Day. Which, I wasn’t even sure there was such a day till I Googled. Just saying whatever your flavor on All Hallows Eve, taking wee ones trick or treating staying home and entertaining those who dare darken your stoop, staying home, lights out and retiring before the bewitching hour strikes or getting your alter ego groove on and howling the night away relishing in freakish frenzied activities. Be safe, be happy and most of all be creepy. KIDDING!!

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