Hickory – The Hickory Music Factory Scholarship Cycle is now open. Youth ages 6-21 years old are welcome to apply, and the deadline is December 12th, 2022.Apply For A Hickory Music Factory Scholarship

The Hickory Music Factory offers a limited number of scholarships to students each year. Applicants are assessed through written applications by the HMF board of directors. Funding for scholarships are made possible through private donations that help provide lessons and programs to youth in the community who may not have the means to do so. We never want money to be the reason why someone can’t participate in our programs and learn how to play an instrument. Let us help you.

Mark Weaver Scholarship – (Lessons & Camps)
The Mark Weaver Scholarship Fund for youth. Created by Dede Weaver and the Ballenger Family, the Mark Weaver Scholarship was designed to support youth in the community for private lessons and camps at the Hickory Music Factory. Mark was an influential music contributor and gifted performer and teacher. He was not only a celebrated drummer in the community but also a mentor to other musicians and a true believer in the positive impact music makes in people’s lives.

Betty Cline Scholarship For Foster Kids – (Lessons & Programs)
Betty Cline Scholarship Fund for Foster Kids. In memory of Betty Cline, mother of Rick Cline, this scholarship is to fund lessons & programs to youth in the foster community. Betty was known for her giving nature, her kindness to everyone she met and for her youthful spirit.

Steven Parker Gullett Scholarship – (Ensembles & Classes)
Steven Parker Gullett Scholarship for youth. In Memory of Steven Parker Gullett, this scholarship provides funds for HMF ensembles and classes. Students that would like to participate but need financial assistance are welcome to apply.

Steven Parker Gullett was a good samaritan, a man dedicated to family and friends, an athlete, and an accomplished musician. Steve coached many of the community youth in basketball, baseball, and soccer. He also inspired them to pursue their dreams in music. In addition to the saxophone, Steve played the guitar, piano harmonica and wrote music. Steve welcomed the opportunity to share his love of music with others. Whether it be with an accomplished musician or patiently encouraging others to achieve their potential. Through his music he celebrated with others in times of joy, and consoled in times of sorrow. Steve touched countless lives throughout his life, through his love of music, as a team member, as a coach, as a neighbor and as a friend.

Apply one of the above scholarships online at https://www.hickorymusicfactory.com/scholarships