You might think I’m not keen on birthdays because I’ve been turning 29 for as long as I can remember. On the contrary, I’m a huge fan. I celebrate mine all month! Plus, why I try real hard to wish everyone on FB “Happy, Happy Birthday!” on their special day. However, if we’re FB friends and I’ve missed yours, it’s simply because I wasn’t on the computer that day. My apologies and “Happy (late) Birthday!” Which brings me to deeper, more insightful thoughts about each passing birthday.

Imagine walking toward a bookshelf lined with huge leather-bound volumes of various shapes, sizes and colors. Your hand, trembling with anticipation, reaches out and selects one with tattered edges. Taking a deep breath…you exhale and open the book. Your eyes quickly scan the words. A child is born…discovers its voice…takes its first steps…plays…learns…grows. Several chapters later you’re peering closely at the text streaming across the page. A slow realization tugs at your subconscious.

You. It’s about you! You are holding your entire life story in the palm of your hand. Every thought. Every action. Every word you’ve ever spoken. Intrigued, you keep reading. Unable to stop. Spellbound, as memories flash through your mind. Fervently you attempt to squelch the desire to skip ahead and see how it ends.

Suddenly, you slam the book shut. You’d forgotten about THAT! Yet, there it is. Written on the pages of your life. Spelled out precisely as it occurred. Of course, you’re guilty of offering your version of the event to anyone within earshot. Hey, embellishment is the new truth. Right? Besides, it’s your life. Doesn’t hurt anyone to tell it your way. And you’d gotten away with it. Until now…birthday-candles3

Dismissing the idea as anything ‘dishonest,’ you smugly reopen the book and continue reading. Time passes swiftly. Ultimately, you reach the moment when you are reading about…you…reading your life story. Sounds like a scene from Harry Potter, doesn’t it? I agree. Especially, when I tell you the page is blank beyond what is happening at this exact moment. Amazed, or disappointed you don’t know the ending?

Actually, not knowing is the best part. Metaphorically speaking, you’ve been writing your life story since you were born, which will continue till your last breath. Every moment in time is a blank slate eagerly anticipating your next move. Every thought is a sentence. Every reaction a paragraph. Every event a chapter. How awesome is that?!

Sorry, at this juncture we can’t rewrite the past. However, since we have the original script imprinted in our memory it affords us the opportunity to creatively implement our future. It’s your life. Putting you in charge of the manuscript. Totally awesome!

Precisely why, every birthday I pause to reflect on the past year. Sort of like ‘Spring Cleaning’ when I skim through my closet for what I haven’t worn, forgotten about, or ‘still’ doesn’t fit. Tossing out what isn’t working for me, while moving forward with what does. Like spring cleaning, pausing to reflect and make adjustments should be how we live our lives.

Therefore, each year on your birthday…pause. Review life chapters since your last birthday. If your book is still on track for living your best life and making the best sellers list, awesome! However, if you’re simply repeating history instead of creating best-life-ness, you might want to address reoccurring negativity. You know the usual suspects: anger, blame, dishonesty, control, self-absorption, vanity, arrogance…

I’m a true believer anyone can change the way they think, act and speak. In previous columns, I’ve commenting on experiencing this first-hand. Friends, the pen is in your hand. Start now and successfully create your story. The way you’d want a book about your life to read. THE END!

Can you imagine…happily-ever-after!

Smile, it’s all about you!