Lincolnton, NC – Everyone is welcome to attend. Boger City United Methodist Church, located at 2320 East Main Street in Lincolnton, has scheduled their Christmas Cantata entitled “Noel Born Is The King”, onBoger City UMC’s Christmas Cantata Sunday, December 19th during their 10:30 a.m. Worship Service.

Boger City United Methodist Churches Christmas Cantata, will consist of selections by the choir and congregation, a poignant narration, and the festive orchestration of beloved songs to stir the hearts of all who gather at their worship service. Those who attend will have an opportunity to experience the wonder’s of Jesus Christ birth, and examine His Kingship and sovereignty over all of us. The children of their church will help in present this musical message. All who gather will be encouraged and inspired to let the Peace of Christ reign in their hearts. For more information and directions, please call 704-735-1735.