Hickory – Join us at The Thankful Goat Farm for a special library event. Dawn Mathews, owner of The Thankful Goat Farm, will present a fun-filled cast iron cooking class at her farm in Lenoir on November 13th from 10:00 am – noon. Gather around the firepit to prep, cook, and enjoy a meal made entirely over the fire. Chicken stew, cooked greens, beans, rice, and bread. This meal is good for vegetarians, keto, and gluten free. We get to eat everything we fix. Hope to see you out on the farm! Registration is required for this interactive class. Please bring a lawn chair and a non-alcoholic beverage.Cast Iron Cooking

Dawn Mathews has traveled the world doing mission work and collecting recipes from Guatemala to the Middle East to Africa. She caters large and small events in her spare time. Dawn is the owner of The Thankful Goat Farm, a business featuring goat milk products, which is based in Lenoir. She has owned goats and other farm animals since 2009. Dawn bought a goat with thoughts of making delicious cheeses for her family. Athena, the goat in question, had other ideas, promptly eating a bush that is toxic to goats. This required an antitoxin shot that rendered her milk undrinkable for 10 days. Dawn decided to make soap with the undrinkable milk. Since those days, Dawn and her family have moved from a half acre microfarm to a 15 ½ acre farm that they built for themselves while living in a camper.

This program will be held at The Thankful Goat Farm, 3868 Daffodil Ln, Lenoir, NC 28645 and is free and open to the public but space is limited so registration is required. Sign up through the Library Events calendar at www.hickorync.gov/library or by calling 828-304-0500.

Photo: Dawn Mathews, Owner of Thankful Goat Farm based in Lenoir, NC.